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A stunning old-fashioned bar set into the heart of Manchester’s fashionable Northern Quarter, Tariff & Dale was certainly a challenge when it came to choosing a practical option which could also be properly matched with the overall aesthetics of the bar. If you take a look at our post about the project then you’ll see that ultimately we decided to go for the Flexstep – so today we thought that we’d give this great lift the attention that it deserves and consider why it’s the perfect option for this type of project.

Simple yet Safe

axess2 flexstep

The Flexstep is an incredibly simple idea: an ordinary set of stairs which, with just the touch of a button, becomes a lift that can easily transport users between two levels. It only takes one person to operate the controls, meaning that it is suitable for independent use – sleek and smooth, and offering everything that you might expect from an accessibility system.

Despite its inherent simplicity, we haven’t cut any corners with the Flexstep system, and the fact that it offers such robust security was an important factor in our decision to use it for the Tariff & Dale contract. As with any bar, the safety of any revellers who pop in for a few drinks or a bite to eat was absolutely paramount. Including everything from anti-roll-off materials to an infrared monitoring system, this lift isn’t taking any chances with client security.

Attractive Aesthetics


Although functionality might have been the most important factor in our minds as we worked to fulfil the Tariff & Dale brief, there was a secondary concern which was almost as crucial: the style of any lift that we chose to use had to perfectly complement the existing design of the bar – a stylish exterior which includes many original features. Anything too modern or metallic was definitely out the window!

By choosing the Flexstep, we were able to offer an impressive array of different style options with a range of different wood effects suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These different choices allowed us to customise the lift to suit the Tariff & Dale bar, and keep their visual charm intact – it also means that it could be equally well-suited to an entirely different type of establishment; it’s entirely up to the creators!

The Flexstep is just one of the fantastic options that we have here at Axess 2, and with an impressive array of passenger lifts on offer, we’re confident that we can help you find a great option for any project. You can  contact us any time, online or at 01200 405 005; we’re also available on Facebook,  Twitter,  Google+ and  YouTube.