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When it comes to cutting-edge vertical transportation, there is a persistent push towards solutions that take up less room, are more effective, and are simpler to operate. The creation of low pit lifts, pitless elevators and low headroom lift solutions are three examples of specific types of innovations now in development. These contemporary systems are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they are also designed to fit inconspicuously inside the confines of buildings that have specific architectural requirements.

Traditional lifts typically require a deep pit to house essential components and machinery. However, with advancements in lift design, modern low pit lifts can function optimally with limited pit depth.

All Axess 2 low pit lifts, pitless elevators, and low headroom lifts strictly comply with international regulations. In accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the latest EN81-21 standards.

Focus LPH

Low Pit Passenger lift for a range of
applications and spaces

Traction 400

Single phase electric low pit lift for a range of applications

Revolution Nano

The most versatile made to measure solution ever seen.

Available on a wide range of lift products

Along with the wide range of low pit or pitless platform lift solutions, we also offer a selection of low pit lifts which share the characteristics of a conventional passenger lift. Whether it’s a commercial or domestic application, we’re confidant we have a low pit product in our range to meet most requirements.

Low pit lift solutions for a wide range applications

Our low pit lifts can have all the characteristics of a conventional passenger lift with very efficient drive systems. They can include sliding doors and ‘one touch controls’ (if the lift cabin is fully enclosed), but with the benefit of being a pit less lift system (low pit lifts) with low headroom. These low pit lifts can be used in all environments including retail stores, offices, schools and public access.

Our low pit lifts can be specified with a pit as low as 100mm, or you could use a small access ramp and the lift becomes pit less. The majority of our machinery directive platform lifts solutions – including both the hydraulic and traction driven systems – can be supplied without pit or with a low pit.

Cost effective low pit solutions

Our low pit lifts could eliminate the need for expensive excavation costs, by not having to construct a traditional lift pit, sometimes up to 2000mm below floor level.

Due to building regulations and site conditions, the pit less lift option is becoming increasingly popular in the retail sector due to the ease of installation and integration. A large number of Axess 2 lifts have been installed in various shopping centres across the country including the Manchester Trafford Centre and Liverpool One.

Combine the low pit with a low headroom and you find yourself with an affordable lift solution for most situations, even where space is extremely limited

EN81-21 Passenger Lifts

In existing buildings, where a lift shaft already exists, it is now possible to install an Axess 2 passenger lift with reduced headroom or a low pit. We offer a range of passenger lifts that are designed to comply with EN81-21.

You will need to demonstrate the reason why you cannot accommodate the requirements of the standard EN 81-20:2020. This might include existing drains or services, Underground tunnels, low roofs in listed buildings, planning restrictions, occupies space above or below and various other reasons. Derogation is required but we make the application process very simple.

All conventional Passenger carrying lifts installed in the UK and Europe must meet the essential health and safety requirements of the EU Lifts Directive. This is generally achieved by design and manufacturing to EU Standard EN81-20. These standards define dimensional constraints on the lift shaft, mainly referring to the areas of the lift shaft that present a crushing hazard above and underneath the lift car.

Problems exist when shallow pit and low-headroom issues mean these dimensional constraints cannot be met.

Our range of Specialist Passenger Lifts are specifically engineered to mitigate the issues caused by these dimensional constraints while fully complying with either EN81-21 Lifts Directive or the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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