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Axess 2

Glass Scenic Lifts that offer a touch of luxury

When you first consider purchasing or installing a lift, practicalities, such as size capacity, speed, function and moving what you need from one floor to another are ordinarily the most thought about requirements.

However, stylish aesthetics or panoramic glass options are being incorporated into lift designs in order to enhance the practical side of travelling by lift.

At Axess 2 , we’re experienced in the installation of glass scenic lifts that are bespoke to our customer’s needs. As with all of our lifts, we only use the highest-quality materials in our scenic lifts where the aim is to achieve a stunning visual attraction along with the practicality of moving passengers.

Luxury Collection

Bespoke Scenic Lifts Designed by Experts

Our design team work with both domestic and commercial clients to create bespoke glass lift installations. Our goal is always to develop a stunning looking panoramic glass lift, which will last and offer a high-quality experience for every passenger.


While you may think that these glass lift structures might take up a lot of room, they’re surprisingly compact as well as a complement to the space itself. Be Confident in our Luxury Glass Lifts & Scenic Lifts. The advantage of lifts in glass structures is that they stunningly complement any room, rather than looking as if they’re overwhelming it, which can be the case with some other lift designs on the market.

Glass and scenic lifts provided by Axess2 are statement pieces and boast great features that you would expect from any one of our passenger lifts or machinery directive lifts.

All are integrated with precision engineering and bespoke designs meaning they can offer the smoothest of rides for any and all passengers with complete and total peace of mind for you and your home or business.

A flexible glass lift solution

Due to the wide variety of designs, we can offer with all of our luxury scenic lifts, as well as the flexibility that comes with all of our products, we are prepared to offer you one of the best glass and scenic lift buying experiences out there, where all of your most complicated requirements are met. Our glass lift structures also mean we can accommodate everything from a small glass home lift to the heavier commercial glass passenger lifts, which also means we provide you with a scenic lift that creates an aura of attention around it, no matter which room it’s in.

If you want to know more about the kinds of glass and scenic lifts we can offer you, contact our team of experts or give us a call on 01200 405 005 and they will happily walk you through everything you need to know about the process. They can talk you through lift models, designs, even the more technical side of things so as to leave no stone left unturned.

Versatile Collection

Our Range of Scenic Lifts

These lifts serve not only to make accessibility around your home or business much easier but are also a centre point of attention; a conversation starter, a head turner, a true work of art.

Whilst the concept of the scenic lift is a constant, we have lots of different options and products available to achieve the perfect panoramic lift for your location:

Circular Glass Lifts

A circular glass lift is encased in a glass shaft and can be designed as a hydraulic or traction lift installation. In circular scenic lifts it’s often desirable to have the doors driven below and this is made possible by installing under-driven curved glass doors. Circular lifts can transport passengers internally or externally and can be fitted with one or two cabin doors.

Octagonal Glass Lifts

Maximize space with the modern, unique octagonal prism-shaped lift that sparkles like a faceted crystal as the centrepiece of your home. The Savaria Vuelift Octagon has a minimal footprint, allowing it to fit into existing stairwells or spaces where a standard lift may not be possible.

Glass Lift Structures

Internally or externally, glass lift shafts offer panoramic views of your surroundings, either the sumptuously decorated interior of the home or fantastic external views of either city or nature.

Glass Platform Lifts

Our Qube range of platform lifts, are available with full glass lift shafts, adding the light, contemporary luxury feel for both commercial and domestic installations.

Traction 400

Single phase electric low pit lift for a range of scenic applications

Qube Lift

A versatile platform lift suitable for both domestic and commercial applications

Luxury Lifts

Luxury lifts for a range of
applications and space

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