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Goods lifts tailored to suit you

The efficient use of space is one of the most important factors that can decide the success or failure of a firm, particularly in the dynamic fields of retail and manufacturing. The revolutionary goods lifts we offer are able to efficiently address this critical requirement since they are able to accommodate locations with limited vertical clearance or low excavation requirements.

Our service lifts and goods lifts offer convenient, prompt, and efficient solutions for any lifting concerns that may arise. We possess the appropriate goods lift that will significantly enhance the ease and speed of your tasks, regardless of the environment, be it hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, or warehouses housing substantial merchandise.

Designed for your working environment

At Axess 2 we can supply a comprehensive range of high-quality goods lifts that will make solving your everyday lifting and moving problems simple.

Our commercial service lifts are a fantastic choice for numerous reasons. Not only can they reduce the risk of injuries caused by manual lifting, they are also an ideal way to make processes in your business much more efficient too.

What’s more, all our lifts have low power consumption, and as such, they are a highly cost-effective solution. Our innovative lifts also feature low pits and low headroom, making them suitable for easy installation in existing buildings.



Supplying an incredible assortment of commercial goods lifts to suit virtually any application. These are all designed to deliver serious performance and optimal ease of use.

Our goods lift collection includes an extensive selection of dumb waiter and service lifts. These options are highly versatile, and ideally suited to fulfilling a wide range of requirements. They are particularly useful in commercial kitchens, retail environments and offices, where they really are an invaluable feature.

All service lifts are manufactured to the highest possible standards and are both highly reliable and simple to use, making them an ideal choice.

Nationwide Lift Solutions

With combined decades of experience, our team is here to help you fulfill your lift requirement on time and within budget. With our engineering teams covering the UK, you can be safe in the knowledge that we can provide a lift solution no matter where you are.


Dumbwaiters and Service lifts for a range of applications

Qube Large

A great  large capacity platform lift suitable for loads up to 1000kg.

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