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Most people think about their dream home. They build it up in their minds, adding new expansions and decorating entire rooms, so when the time comes they can already see it in front of them. Dream houses vary from person to person, so what makes someone excited might be someone else’s pet peeve – no matter the details of each home, the most important thing is how the owner feels towards it.

Knowing what you want, and don’t want, is the first step to create the home of your dreams, after which you should consider:

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The Neighbourhood

Location is always important. Whether your dream home is in the middle of a big city, the suburbs or even the countryside, depending on whether you want a more dynamic or relaxing place, you should consider the practicalities. It’s not just the fact that you want to live in a neighbourhood with a good reputation, it’s also that you should consider the locations of everything else, including schools, hospitals, and your workplace.

Building or Renovating

Some people prefer to build an entire new home, while others favour converting old buildings into new creations. If you decide to create a whole new house, you get to choose exactly what you want, from the number of bedrooms to the location of the kitchen but, if you found your dream home in a building that already exists, by renovating it you can also get exactly what you’re looking for – and sometimes at a more affordable price.

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A well-built structure that lets you perform the alterations you desire can quickly become the project of a lifetime. All of us at Axess2 understand that. We take pride in helping our customers create their dream homes, like we did in Harrogate, with the installation of a lift in an abandoned water tower converted into a stunning home, a renovation project showcased in Channel 4’s The Restoration Man.

This glass lift not only provides access to all four storeys, but also blends seamlessly with the modern interior design and with the vintage remnants of the old building, by allowing the family to see the exposed brick walls at all times. You can get the best of both worlds by choosing to renovate an existing property, especially if you’re looking for the charm of an old building in your dream home.

The Design

Part of what makes your house a dream home is its interior and exterior design, which includes the style (more contemporary or traditional), the materials you use, the colours you choose for walls and ceilings, and the decorations you want to see there. From flower arrangements to paintings on walls, it’s the little details that will eventually make you think of your new property as your dream home – after all, no matter how beautiful a home is it always requires your personal touch.

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Bringing our customers’ vision to life is our mission, so even when installing such modern features as residential lifts, we ensure that your ideas and preferences are always front and centre. No matter the nature of your request, we’ll create tailored solutions and work with you in order to make your dreams come true. Talk to us on 01200 315 025 if you want to learn more about we can do for you, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter