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The Channel 4 show, The Restoration Man, is an inspirational piece of programming; people are inspired when they see the incredible works of design and architecture, as well as the passion and dedication of everyone involved, including George Clarke, the presenter and face of the show.

In a recent episode, aired on March 31st, George revisited Harrogate to catch up with the grand transformation of a derelict water tower which was converted into a four-bedroom family home. All of us at Axess2 consider it a pleasure to have been part of such a project, and couldn’t be happier at the opportunity for our luxury glass lift to be featured in The Restoration Man.

George showcased moments of the conversion itself, including details like structural repairs which needed to be done and our five-stop lift. The height of the building, as well as the fact that it’s divided into several floors, meant that the lift would make life easier for the family by providing access to all storeys.

image2 - Channel 4's The Restoration Man Says Our Lifts Are 'Really Cool'

Located in Yorkshire, the tower is surrounded by beautiful scenery that can be admired from a bird’s view perspective from the top, right where a 25,000-gallon water tank used to be – and which can be accessed via the lift we installed.

The owners, Carol and Majid, had a few planning troubles along the way, one of which involved this tank; in the end they chose to keep the space, even though it cost more than expected, and it was a great decision. The converted space is not only cosy but also greatly rewarding, as after the ride on the lift they get to check out the breathtaking views around them.

We put in this lift almost at the end of the project, and its glass enclosure allowed the family to travel between floors comfortably while also appreciating the incredible sights surrounding the house – this is due to the fact that the stunning scenery is visible through large glass windows at all times.

We pride ourselves on seeing our lift helping the family in their brand new home and, in George’s own words, on how the lift allows them to look ‘through the glass and see… the old brickwork’. After all, this is a distinctive and charming part of the original architecture that shouldn’t be missed or lost.

See the final stunning Reveal of our Pannal Water Tower, tomorrow on C4 #restorationman @GCrestoration

— The Restoration Man (@GCRestoration) March 30, 2016

We previously wrote about George’s visit while the project was still underway, but now that the journey has finally ended, he was able to showcase the best moments from the beginning of the build to completion, showing how the rubble and old machinery was converted into a gorgeous modern home.

Both Carol and Majid had to wait a long time for planning permissions and went through unexpected costs that set them back, but in the end it was all worthwhile, as the makeover turned a neglected water tower into a home so beautiful we’re sure they still need to pinch themselves to know it’s not a dream!

Congrats to all those involved in this fabulous Reveal. Thurs on C4. #restorationman @MrGeorgeClarke

— The Restoration Man (@GCRestoration) March 29, 2016

So when our George said ‘it’s really cool’ and ‘I don’t think I ever said that about a residential lift before,’ these are truly inspiring words that make us happy that we do the kind of work we do. Our passion for lifts and for providing access to all of our customers is very important to us, and we’re honoured to have been part of this spectacular restoration project.

If you’re still admiring this project and also want a residential lift in your home, we can provide you with the best glass lift to rival the one installed at this former water tower, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 01200 405 005.