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At Axess2 we pride ourselves on the provision of high quality elevator systems to aid with a range of accessibility needs. Lifts can come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and styles, from our concise and reliable platform lifts to our sleek machinery directive lifts, there are a plethora of commercial, retail or home based elevators to suit a whole range of utilitarian purposes.

We are fascinated by any new developments in the world of elevation, be that the ropeless elevator or side-travelling elevator systems, we feel the potential of the humble lift has a varied future ahead. However, one thing that’s always been a limiting factor to the lift is the height it can reach.

Limits to Steel Cable

Frequently, steel cables are used with lift installations, meaning that there is a height restriction involved. In taller buildings these cables come under huge strain, primarily down to their own weight and mass, meaning that if you want to travel from the foot to the top of a particularly tall building, then you may need to get out and hop in another elevator. Whilst this is somewhat of an inconvenience, it is a necessary one.

For example, take the Shard. This is London’s tallest skyscraper standing at 306m, but even with the ability to construct such a fantastic skyscraper people wishing to travel to the top will need to change floors on their ‘sky lobby’ due to the limitations placed on the architecture by lifts. To ascend a skyscraper a mile high, or 1.6km in height, with the current lift systems in place you would need to change floor as many as 10 times.


Don’t Call It a Cable

UltraRope is the solution to any grand designer wishing to incorporate an all in one lift shaft. Designed and developed in Finland, the revolutionary elevator material turns its back on the ‘traditional’ woven steel cable and opts for carbon fibre. It has been euphemistically dubbed lift-hoisting technology so as to separate itself from the former steel cable system, which gives you an indication of the revolutionary nature of the advancement.

So revolutionary in fact that it can apparently run for 1km in a single run; that’s double the amount achievable with the current steel cables used in an elevator system! The UltraRope technology’s strong and lightweight nature is the key to its malleability when it comes to distances. Thinking logically, it makes sense that the further a lift has to travel, the heavier it gets due to the simple fact it is carrying more and more cable further and further up – the cable can sometimes top the total weight of the car and the passengers!

90% Lighter

The UltraRope is 90% lighter than the current steel cable technology, therefore reducing its weight load significantly and increasing its ability to travel much further distances. In 1956 when Frank Lloyd Wright designed his Mile High Skyscraper, the tallest building in the world was the Empire State Building which reached a mere quarter of his design. However, the faith shown by Wright in the future’s ability to overcome the height restrictions caused by insufficient technology seems like it may well have paid off with the dawn of UltraRope.

Futuristic Interior iStock 000002467400 Medium 291x300 - UltraRope: At The Height of Lift Technology

The Future

This type of revolutionary technological advancement gets us excited over at Axess2. Such a powerful and relatively light material doesn’t just open up the future of elevator systems and increase the range of access needs we can hope to meet, but it also gives an exciting insight into industrial progress and the potential future of architectural engineering.

At Axess2 we strive to meet the individual access needs of each of our customers, and with other companies revolutionising this process, the future is looking bright. If you are struggling with your particular access needs or would like advice from an industry professional, give us a call! One of our friendly team of specialists will be eagerly awaiting your call, so don’t hesitate to contact us on 01200 405 005 where we can discuss our services and help you get set up with the perfect elevator system for you.