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Here at Axess2, we love lifts. After all, it’s our passion, and that’s exactly why we get so excited whenever a new development is being heralded in the world of elevator technology. When someone says the words ‘ platform lifts’ to you, you’ll probably think about moving upwards and downwards, and quite right too. However, now there’s a brand new type of elevator technology on the horizon, and this will bring about a genuinely new perspective when using lifts; namely, sideways movement.

From Cables to Magnets

The possibility of lifts that can move sideways has been born in Germany, and the technological know-how is actually surprisingly simple. Gone are the cables that most lifts rely upon, and instead we see the introduction of magnets. If that sounds very like something from a certain Roald Dahl book, then you’re definitely on the right track, as Willy Wonka’s famous lift did indeed move in almost every direction that you could think of. Just as the once ridiculous concept of a space-bound elevator is now being tackled, so too is the field of sideways motion.

Sideways Means Fewer Delays

These new elevators are destined for use in mid to high-rise buildings, and rather than propelling people – quite literally – into the upper echelons of society, they’ll instead work on a loop system to allow multiple elevators to occupy the same shaft. The result of this new system is that lift passengers will never need to wait a long time for a cab to arrive, instead being taken to their destination with a delay of just 30 seconds (at maximum). That may not sound like such a big improvement, but when you look at the facts, it’s a significant step forward.

When Will We See This?

Apparently, office workers in New York spend the equivalent of over 16 years in total waiting for elevators, and almost 6 years worth of time actually in them. That’s a lot of excess hours spent doing nothing, but sadly such people will have to wait a little longer before their trials are allayed. These new elevators aren’t expected until the end of next year, so whilst that’s not too long to hang on, there’s still a fair few months to pass. Here at Axess2, we’re committed to bringing you all the very best lifts in the here-and-now, so whilst we can’t furnish your premises with a ‘sidewinder’ elevator, we can certainly meet your needs. To find out more, call 01200 405 005 or email