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Lifts have been used since the Ancient Roman times, when slaves pulled ropes that moved a platform up and down a building. These people would have thought themselves in a dream if they had had the chance to use one of Axess2’s lifts –they don’t need anyone controlling the ropes, for a start. Yet, we’re sure we can still surprise you too, and that is why we are launching a new product very soon: the smart lift.

With technology advancing as fast as ever, every company is focusing on providing their customers with the most practical and personalised services. Because we all have very different needs, it seems reasonable to offer products that adapt to the client and not the opposite. Here at Axess2 we believe in always walking one step ahead of the future and that is why we are very keen on installing smart technology in our lifts so you can bring it directly to your client’s homes.

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Smart lifts incorporate the latest technological advances into something as practical and necessary as a lift, to make everyone’s rides easier and more pleasant. These lifts can be controlled by an app anyone can download to their smart phone so they can be sure they are in control of their own lift at absolutely any time –receiving immediate notice in case there is any failure in the system.


Smart phones have changed society and the way we interact with other. Following right after, smart watches were another huge change in the way people organised their time, allowing them to have more control over such important things as their health. Lifts seem the next natural step, and they also bring lots of advantages.

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  1. Versatile Design

Lifts tend to be quite reclusive, sometimes reduced spaces. But that doesn’t mean they have to be dark or ugly, as indeed many designers have already offered many solutions to enhance the aesthetics of lifts. The same way your clients choose different colours and furniture to decorate their homes, they will also be able to personalise their own lifts to their individual style.

  1. Customizable Lighting

With the new smart lifts, people can choose what kind of light they want and when. For instance, your client might consider altering the intensity during different parts of the day. Bright light is perfect in the morning, whereas a dim light can feel more pleasant during the afternoon or late evening. Also, smart lifts can have the lights off when they are not being used, which translates into significant savings of energy and, of course, money.

  1. Silent

The latest technology doesn’t have to be noisy at all – in fact, quite the opposite. The new smart lifts will go up and down without causing any disturbance. Also, their innovative and well-tested screw and nut drive system will allow both a soft start and stop. This makes them an ideal appliance to be used by anyone – children and elderly people included – to move around the house.

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  1. Safe

As expected, the smart technology will also improve the safety of the lift. The doors will be able to detect at any time whenever there is something in the way so they can open immediately, reducing the risks of accidents to almost zero. It will also be possible to lock the lift whenever it shouldn’t be used.

Finally, something that both providers and passengers will be very pleased to know is that smart lifts come with batteries that will keep the lift working even in the event of an electrical failure. So, whatever happens, it’s guaranteed that the lift will deliver its passengers to, at least, the next stop, where they would be able to leave it safely.

Smart lifts open a new world of possibilities where people are going to feel like famous footballers or – why not? – James Bond, in their own home. We will soon be launching a new website completely focused on Axess2 luxurious home lifts and we cannot wait to share this exciting product with you! Contact our expert team at any time if you want to know more about this new arrival and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you never miss any updates!