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How To Seamlessly Integrate A Lift Into Interior Design

Gone are the days when a lift was simply a functional feature in a building. Today, lifts are more than just a means of transportation – they can be a statement piece that adds both style and convenience to any space. Whether you’re adding a lift to a commercial building or a domestic residence, integrating it into the interior design can be a challenge. 

As an interior designer, you may encounter a project that requires a lift installation, which can be an unfamiliar territory. However, with proper planning and execution, integrating a lift into your interior design project can be a seamless process.

We completely understand that this can often make even the simplest of interior projects seem daunting, but it really doesn’t have to be. 

So, what’s our advice?


One common mistake when working on a project with a lift installation is to treat the lift as a separate entity. This can cause the lift to look out of place and disrupt the overall design of the room. Instead, consider the lift as an integral part of the design, just like any other element in the room. Think about how the lift can complement the overall design theme, colour scheme, and materials used.

Luxury Home Lift

Rather than looking at it as a room on its own, you should view the lift as an extension of the room that you are working on. Think about what styles could work for both the main room and the lift and you’re already well on your way to working your magic and creating an attractive, integrated interior!


In order to make the room completely seamless and appear as one room rather than a room with a lift added on, it’s important that you’re extending the style into – or out of – the lift.

To extend your style into your lift, you’ll need to start by examining the design elements that make up your space. Look at the colours, patterns, and textures that you’ve used in the room and find ways to incorporate them into the lift’s interior. For example, if you have a lot of natural wood elements in your space, consider using wood paneling or accents in the lift. If you have a bold and colourful decor style, try adding colour to the lift’s doors or flooring.

Another way to extend your style into your lift is through lighting. Lighting is an essential element that can completely transform a space. Use the same type of lighting that you have in the room, such as recessed lighting or a pendant light fixture, in the lift. This will not only create a cohesive design but also enhance the functionality of the lift by providing adequate lighting.

Extending your style out of your lift is equally important, especially if your lift is located in a common area or hallway. You don’t want the lift to stick out like a sore thumb and disrupt the flow of the surrounding space. Instead, consider extending the design elements of the lift into the adjacent areas. For example, if you have used a particular colour or pattern in the lift’s flooring, use it in the hallway or foyer as well.

Another way to extend your style out of your lift is through artwork and accessories. Hang a piece of art or a decorative mirror in the lift that complements the surrounding space. This will not only add visual interest but also create a cohesive design.

If there’s already a lift installed within the space, take inspiration from how the interior looks already and incorporate some of the aspects within the room. This way, you will be tying both areas together, rather than having two separate styles clashing. this could be anything from a laminate effect floor to the colour scheme that the lift uses.

If there’s currently no lift installed but it is intended to be a feature within the finished design, this is the perfect opportunity to decide the style for the room as a whole – the lift included.Think about what will be successful for both areas to create a fluid theme throughout.

You may not be an expert in lift design, but that’s where we can help you! Here at Axess 2, we can work alongside you to create a lift which fully incorporates the style and design of the rest of the interior, reducing the possibility of the lift sticking out like a sore thumb!

It doesn’t matter what style you are looking to create – the lift designers here at Axess 2 can help. If you’d like to find out how we can work with you to create a seamless interior which incorporates a lift, feel free to get in touch today!