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From enabling access around your home to providing all customers with the ability to manoeuvre around your business premises and peruse your products, there are many reasons why you should install a platform lift.

We take a look at some of these reasons and how today’s options offer a versatility that takes lifts beyond mere function to an integral part of your building.


For areas split over two levels and accessed via a short flight of stairs, the EasyLift is the perfect solution.

This platform lift has a maximum lifting height of 1250 mm, making it ideal for those smaller spaces, and boasts the most comfortable and stable ride you’ll find, thanks to the four synchronous lifting motors which are as efficient as they are smooth.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this lift offers a versatile access option for a domestic or business setting. The minimal space requirements mean that it is ideal for the home and immediately opens up areas that were previously inaccessible.

platform lift1 e1530866727308 - Why You Should Install a Platform Lift

Everybody should be able to enjoy all areas of the garden during the warm summer months and an EasyLift enables the whole family to navigate their way around, from the patio to the lawn and vice versa, or to use differing levels of terracing within your outside space.

In a commercial context it is often the transition from the entrance to further areas of the premises that are split by levels, yet even a relatively short flight of steps can render your business out of bounds to those with limited or restricted mobility. An easy-to-install EasyLift is ideal for opening up your work place to visitors without compromising on space.


The integrated drive system – eliminating a need for separate machine room – and shallow pit requirement make the Traction 400 Leonardo a popular choice for enabling access to areas separated by flights of stairs.

What sets this apart from other lift solutions, though, is the revolutionary sliding doors – the first product on the market to offer this feature. Not only does this make for a more contemporary look but also requires less space in front of the lift, as there’s no need to accommodate doors swinging outwards.

lift2 - Why You Should Install a Platform Lift

The fire-rated glass of the sliding doors are available as two or three panel opening – or centre opening if you prefer – and is customisable with a range of skin-plate colours and finishes available.

Additional options include bespoke flooring, a choice of colours and even glass walls inside the cabin so that you can tailor your lift according to your needs – whether that is reflecting the décor of your home or the colour palette of your business brand.

This modern elevator contains all of the latest navigation features you’d expect, such as a voice synthesiser for floor selection and direction and tactile and braille buttons with LED halo. This,  coupled with handrail and LED display both in-car and on landings, ensures comfortable and confident transportation from one floor to another.


For the ultimate in discreet, integrated lifts, look no further than the Hidden Step Lift (HDN).

Ideal for providing access to small level-change areas such as lobbies, shop or home entrances, the lifting platform of this hidden step lift can be easily adapted to its surroundings and fitted with the same material as the existing environment, including carpet, vinyl or even stoneware flooring.

lift3 - Why You Should Install a Platform Lift

The HDN not only blends in visually with its surroundings but the silent operation of this lift also ensures a seamless integration into your home or business that is simple and easy to operate.

The simplicity in the design and registered lifting principle of the Hidden Step Lift ensures a smooth and level ride with additional security provided by the safety skirt which is fitted around the perimeter of the lift. This ensures that users with impaired mobility can confidently access differing levels of flooring and feel safe during their transition.

Also suitable for the indoor or outdoor spaces of your home or business, this HDN is an ideal solution to provide that much-needed accessibility whilst seamlessly integrating with your existing design and without the need to compromise on space.

All of the lifts discussed here – and the rest of our range of platform lifts – are on our website with a number of sizes and options available. If you’re looking for a method of introducing better access to your home or business – or if you are looking to ensure compliance with the latest building regulations – why not customise your lift with the cabin walls, flooring, door type and even landing buttons of your choice?

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you provide access for everyone on your premises. Our team will be delighted to help you choose right the lift for you.