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With new innovations in the industry and the cost of materials decreasing, elevators for residential purposes present any homeowner with a multitude of useful benefits.

Alongside the increase in demand, our lifestyles are constantly changing, and homeowners are beginning to invest in home lifts for many reasons, but what are the benefits of installing a home lift in your property, and what difference can it make to you and your lifestyle?

home lifts beneficial 1 - Top Reasons Why Home Lifts Can Be Beneficial


A huge benefit of home lift installation is that it can add a significant amount of value to your property, making it a truly great investment. When a homebuyer is looking for a new property, they may be pleasantly surprised to find this exciting installation in your home.

A lift may be a key selling point for your home due to prospective home buyers looking to invest in their future, where accessibility or ease of access may be a vital point for them. Many couples and families keep these factors in mind when searching for a property.

Installing a lift in your home should certainly be seen as a long term investment, and particularly when it comes to selling your property, you can expect to see a great return if you market your home to the right people.


Accidents can occur in any home and to any individual no matter what their lifestyle may be; however, some may say that accidents occur even more frequently when it comes to homes small children, especially when it comes to going up and down stairs. In fact, more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else.

A home lift can make your home much safer, especially when considering that certain lifts can also incorporate added security features such as being accessible to authorised persons only, as well as many models having alarm systems.

For anybody looking to step up safety and security in their homes, a home lift can contribute to a much more secure home life, especially if used as a part of a larger scale security system.

Alongside crucial factors of safety and security in the home, independence is also an important element for anyone, especially for individuals with decreased mobility. The independence that anyone with a physical disability or the elderly would gain from the installation of a home lift is priceless, enabling easy access to every floor of the home.

Independence and easy mobility in the home should never be seen as a luxury. A home lift is sure to create more comfort in everyday routines and activities.

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While there are many practical benefits of a home lift, they are also sure to add an air of class and style to your home. As technology and designs develop, there are a huge array of styles to choose from, with the option to have an entirely bespoke design too.

With a variety of design options, you will certainly find a home lift to perfectly suit the décor of your home interiors. Everything from a more simple design to a premium styled design is available at Axess2 and, with our bespoke design services, you can make sure your design is aesthetically perfect and matches your requirements, be it specific choices of colours, finishes or sizes.

Whether you feel that a sleek stainless-steel style would fit in your home or maybe even a more classical wood veneer style, Axess2 can provide you with the perfect style solution.

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Few people may realise that a home lift doesn’t take up as much space as a standard staircase. Through the installation of a home lift, you can in fact open up the space, create extra room and even increase the square footage within the home. Creating extra space can instantly add value to your home, as well as creating more space for you in general.

A home lift is the epitome of convenience when it comes to space, especially as technology advances. Axess2 are proud to say we work closely with our clients to use the space as efficiently as possible, which is why we are able to offer our customers the option to install their new lift in the most convenient, and even the smallest, of spaces.

While designs do differ, homeowners often have the freedom to narrow down all their options to the one which suits their space, style and requirements the best.

Axess2’s Qube Home Lift is renowned for being the smallest domicile lift on the entire market, as it takes up no more space than a wardrobe would. It is an ideal home lift solution when you want to focus on saving space, without compromising on style.

home lifts beneficial 4 - Top Reasons Why Home Lifts Can Be Beneficial


A home lift is practical for almost any task around your home. Climbing the stairs or moving any bulky items over floor levels is a lot easier with a lift, especially in homes where daily occurrences include food shopping, chores or the movement of any items.

The practicality and functionality of a home lift saves time, energy and simplifies any arduous task.

home lifts beneficial 5 - Top Reasons Why Home Lifts Can Be Beneficial


Many people may think that a home lift would be a perfect addition to their day to day lives, but are concerned about the energy usage and, most of all, the cost.

In fact, with the development of home lifts, especially for Axess2, we have the created these products with both factors in mind. We offer three tiers of pricing to provide our customers with as many options as possible. When it comes to cost, Axess2 specialises in offering some of the best, affordable home lifts on the market without compromising on quality, efficiency or comfort.

Due to the rising demand for domestic lifts, we thought it was only best to adapt our services with a range of home lifts that offer exceptional value for money, including the Easy Lift, the Hydraulic 250 and many more.

Another concern on top of installation and purchase costs is the question of how energy-efficient the running of the lift would be. Throughout the design process, Axess2 keeps this at the forefront of our minds. Take our traction home lift, for example. Its starting dimensions are similar to that of a typical wardrobe space, and offers an eco-friendly design alongside energy savings due to new advancements in lift technology. It also offers low operation costs due to its automatic sliding doors and low headroom.

home lifts beneficial 6 - Top Reasons Why Home Lifts Can Be Beneficial

Here at Axess2, we believe that home lifts can be enjoyed by anyone due to the numerous benefits they offer. We are always happy to offer any advice to help you to choose the most suitable lift for you, so get in touch with Axess2 via email or phone, or, alternatively, you can request a call back or look at our online brochure.