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The Ingenuity of the Step Lift – An Alternative to a Stairlift

step lift can be an invaluable addition to all manner of businesses. Whether you operate a busy office building, commercial store, factory, warehouse, or any other logistics operation, any area that experiences high foot traffic can benefit from a step lift. They’re an excellent way to ensure your business is as inclusive as possible, by allowing everyone appropriate access to all floors of your building.

But what are they, and which type is right for you?


As the name implies, a step lift is a small lift that is normally placed alongside some steps. That means that anyone who would otherwise have difficulty negotiating the steps can use the step lift. All they have to do is move inside and press a button, and the platform will raise them to the same height as the top step. Then, they can just exit as normal and carry on their way. It’s as simple as that.

They’re designed from the ground up to integrate as subtly as possible into your existing décor and layout. Of course, they need to be designed robustly to ensure they can safely carry any users, but they’re also designed to not be bulky and intrusive. Often, step lifts will be manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, which is not only very durable but is also easy to keep clean.


There is a wide variety of step lifts available for you to choose from. Some of the more common include:

  • Bespoke scissor lifts – Being truly bespoke, they can be designed to fit in with the layout of your building, whatever it may be, and you can have all the input you want in the final design
  • Open platform lift – Often found outside, these platform lifts are intended to be stylish and durable, allowing them to cope with all manner of weather conditions and to be easily cleaned
  • Staircase and lift – A fully integrated and highly innovative system allowing the best of both worlds, the stairs can transform into a lift at the touch of a button, or via a remote
  • Compact step lift – If space is at a premium, the compact step lift has been designed to be as functional as possible without sacrificing any usability while offering the smallest footprint


Finding the right step lift can be difficult, so you need to consider your unique needs. Think about how many people use your premises, the kind of layout your building has, and the sort of access requirements that certain individuals may need. This will help to inform the choices that you make. Budget will also play a part in your decision, but it’s important to remember that a step lift can be an invaluable investment in the inclusivity of your premises, allowing all-important safe access for everyone.


If you’re unsure about the right step lift for your premises, contact Axess2 today. We can help you navigate our range of step lifts, or we can oversee the design and manufacture of a completely bespoke step lift. We’ll take care of everything, from the initial installation to the ongoing maintenance required to ensure all of your step lifts work reliably and dependably. Our team of step lift professionals will be able to help you make the best choice for your employees, clients, visitors, building, and budget.

To learn more about the step lift options available, or to get a quote, contact Axess2 today.