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The lift of an establishment can say a lot about the business that it services. The luxury, thought and care put into the design of a lift speaks the same of those that commissioned it. You need to consider what goes into making a premier lift design and how you can best impress your clients.

So, how can you style your elevator to fit the luxury aesthetic of your retail establishment?



One of your primary concerns when considering the design of your lift should be the panels. These are one of the most obvious things that a person using a lift will judge, as they are the last part they are bound to see as part of their elevator experience. A luxurious material can be just the thing that your panels need to set the tone for the ascent and descent your clients will make. Or, if you have situated the elevator in a particularly impressive building, then the magnificence of a glass elevator can help to really highlight this.



Most people will never consider the style of an elevator floor. It will an afterthought, the last thing that you consider and something you may believe no one will ever actually look at. But, you will be surprised how many people take note of the aesthetic of the floor when they are trying to avoid the gaze of their fellow elevator commuters. A smart wooden floor will catch someone’s eye, but so will something plain and unfortunate to look at. So ensure you pick the correct flooring that will impress on all levels!



An ill-lit elevator can be a daunting prospect. Even in the light of day, if seems like a strange addition to a building and something that people would prefer to avoid. You should ensure that you choose a bright lighting system that will bring new life to your cabin interior and light the beauty of your well-thought design. This lighting can highlight your choices and bring attention to the interesting material of your panels or even your floor. Light and airy is the very definition of modern design, so incorporating it into something so important in your building is an important step.

Using our  lift design service, you can create the perfect lift to fit any interior style you may have in mind. For more information on how Axess2 can help you, please don’t hesitate to  contact us today on 01200 405 005.