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The year was 1857 when the first ever commercial lift was designed and installed in the Big Apple. At home, in New York city this elevator climbed at a staggering rate of 40 feet per minute.

While this seems like a quick speed for a lift to travel, today, we see certain elevators such as the one in the Burj Khalifa soar at speeds of up to 22mph, which didn’t even rank in the countdown of the world’s fastest lifts from Emporis – the database of construction projects.

This list gives the ultimate rundown of just some of the top fastest elevators around the world, with Asia dominating the list.

Jin Mao Tower- Shanghai, China

Height: 1,381 ft
Time from Ground to Roof: 46 Seconds
Speed: 1,791 ft/min, 20mph
Fun Fact: The entire building of the Jin Mao Tower has a whopping 130 lifts in operation throughout, including two express lifts in the basement area.

jin mao tower - The Fastest Elevators in the Entire World

John Hancock Centre- Chicago, USA

Height: 1,1129ft
Time from Ground to Roof: 38 Seconds
Speed: 1,801 ft/min, 20.5mph
Fun Fact: If you opted for the stairway instead of the lift, you would have 1,632 steps to conquer!

john hancock centre - The Fastest Elevators in the Entire World

China World Trade Centre Tower III – Beijing, China

Height:  1,083ft
Time from Ground to Roof:  33 Seconds
Speed: 1,968.5ft/min, 22mph
Fun Fact:  The elevators in this building reach their full speed of 22mph in a mere eleven seconds.

china world trade centre - The Fastest Elevators in the Entire World

Shanghai World Financial Centre – Shanghai, China

Height: 1,614ft
Time from Ground to Roof: 49 Seconds
Speed: 1,968.5 ft/min, 22mph
Fun Fact:  There are four double decker lifts in this building, which reach the top, sky lobby at 787 ft., all weighing around 4,400 pounds each.

shanghai world financial centre - The Fastest Elevators in the Entire World

Sunshine 60 Building – Tokyo, Japan

Height:  787 ft
Time from Ground to Roof: 24 Seconds
Speed:  1,968ft/min, 22mph
Fun Fact: From the observation deck of the building, at the top, visitors can see as far as 62 miles afar.

sunshine 60 - The Fastest Elevators in the Entire World

Taipei 101- Taipei, Taiwan

Height: 1,670 ft
Time from Ground to Roof: 30 Seconds
Speed: 3,313 ft/min, 37.7mph
Fun Fact:  The two lifts that are in this building, individually cost more than 2 million dollars.

taipei 101 - The Fastest Elevators in the Entire World

Record Breaking Lift

The Shanghai Tower Elevator has officially been awarded the title by the Guinness World Records and is said to be so quick due to its new equipment use, including innovative control panel, speed governor, brake device and buffer. Despite the Burj Khalifa being the tallest building in the world, the Shanghai tower trumps the speed of its lift.

Height: 632 metre building
Time from Ground to Roof: up 119 floors in 53 Seconds
Speed: 42.8 mph
Fun Fact: In comparison, Usain Bolt runs 27.44 mph, meaning this lift functions much faster than the fastest man in the world!

shanghai tower - The Fastest Elevators in the Entire World

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