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step lifts for handicapped and step lifts for the elderley

For those who are handicapped, with mobility issues or disabilities of any kind that hinder them from utilising the stairs, the incline stair lift or step lifts are ideal options. The elderly – and the disabled – can utilise this to get around multi-floor properties. The installation of an access lift is amongst the most crucial changes that make life more convenient.

Home step lifts are readily available, with distributors providing unique options with their products. These choices make it important to research properly prior to getting one of these lifts. The options and characteristics delivered by Axess 2 are unique; pick the one that greatest satisfies your needs. Peace of mind is extremely important when purchasing a life changing product like an incline or step lift. At Axess 2 we understand that your Lift was installed ‘For Life’ and therefore we offer a range of service contracts to maintain the life span of your lift.

Axess 2 provides a complimentary estimation and consultation with no contractual commitments. We provide helpful advice on the installation of these lifts for the handicapped to ensure you find a stair lift that perfectly meets your requirements. When choosing the right lift for your home it is essential to consider specific things like buying from a respectable company that delivers extended warranties. Do not fall for the cheapest stair lift prices delivered by lots of questionable providers.

Incline Stair lifts from Axess 2 offer a smart and versatile access solution where an enclosed platform lift is not applicable. Our incline lifts can be configured for indoor or outdoor use and can be fitted on either side of the staircase.

With a modern and contemporary design – these lifts for steps or stairs would be equally suited to home or office use. Their narrow profile means they are non-obtrusive when folded away and these technically-advanced stair lifts can be installed onto a straights staircase with multiple landings.