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Over the years, one of the primary reasons for the development of elevator technology has been mankind’s fondness for skyscrapers. As we’ve embraced building higher and higher structures, there’s naturally been a need to create more sophisticated lifts to climb them. Nobody wants to have to change a lift three times to reach the top of a tall high-rise block; we just want to get into a lift and be taken straight to the summit. These are problems that have been wrestled with in the past, and, if the latest news is anything to go by, they’re still being mulled over right now.

Faster … Higher …

According to the Financial Times, the desire to build bigger and bigger skyscrapers is proving to be an inspiration behind the field of elevator technology, and it’s not only problems like assuaging the need to change lifts that are being tackled, as the latest lifts are setting standards in plenty of other respects as well. Lifts that move at speeds of 4,000 feet minute are in the pipeline, and amendments to motor and air pressure solutions are also being researched to achieve similar impressive ends.

‘Elevator Wars’

Apparently, the Tapei 101 office has long held the crown for being the home of the world’s fastest elevator, but in as little as two years this record could have been well beaten. The Tapei 101 office plays host to a variety of high-performance Toshiba lifts, but now fierce rival Mitsubishi has stated its intentions to better Toshiba’s feats. Not only this, but Hitachi has also joined the argument as well, proposing to have the aforementioned 4,000 feet per minute lift in place by as early as 2016.

Future Plans?

Such competition between manufacturers is exactly the sort of thing that will drive elevators to ever greater heights; as if the need to keep up with the latest skyscrapers wasn’t incentive enough. With plans to enhance the height of lifts and even schemes to enable a lack of ropes and horizontal movement being discussed, the elevator of the future could take a vastly different form to what we’re used to seeing today, and at Axess2 we can’t wait to see just how far lifts can go in the future.

Although our home lifts and the like won’t be setting any records in ‘elevator lore’, they still incorporate industry-leading technology, and, because of our bespoke capabilities, they can be tailored to meet even the most precise requirements. We really do believe that you won’t find a better balance of quality and convenience anywhere else, so feel free to contact the Axess 2 team now by calling 01200 405 005 or emailing you’d like to find out more.