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Dumbwaiters aren’t just for use in a restaurant setting. In fact, there are many reasons why installing a dumb waiter in a home environment can be beneficial!

We’ve already looked at installations of dumb waiters that aren’t in restaurants on the blog before, but this time, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss the benefits that these useful lifts bring to a home environment, and why more people should be investing in them for their properties.


It doesn’t matter whether you need to transport your dinner to an upper floor or move your laundry down to your washing machine from the upstairs bathroom wash basket, a dumb waiter can help you with ease.

Cropped image of woman holding a laundry basket full of clothes

Dumb waiters are designed to be versatile; they can handle almost anything that you throw at them, providing that the weight is within a reasonable range that the lift can support. It’s a quick and easy way to transport loads between floors where you may otherwise struggle.


Safety in the home is essential; whether you’re steady on your feet or not, it’s important to be able to feel safe within your own home while you are spending your time there.

Sometimes, your daily chores may require carrying items up and down stairs, which can often make many people feel uncomfortable and uneasy, especially walking down the stairs when they are carrying an item that obscures their view of the steps.

A young woman is walking up stairs outside in a park

However, with a dumb waiter installed, this fear and uncertainty can disappear. Simply put the items that you need to transport in the lift and then carefully make your way up or down the stairs and receive the load from the lift. There’s no need for any accidents occurring on a staircase this way!


Many people are put off installing a dumb waiter in their home because they feel like they can’t be cleaned easily.

However, many of the dumb waiter units are made with cleanliness in mind, especially as they are often used within the hospitality sector. This means that if you’re worried about your dinner spilling all over your lift as you transport it – which it won’t if you have used a reputable dumb waiter manufacturer and installer – you won’t have to worry about calling out a specialist cleaner to clean up any mess that you may encounter.

House cleaning product on wood table

Spillages generally won’t happen unless the items are unstable within the lift and will not usually be a result of the lift’s movement, so simply make sure any items which can be spilled or make a mess if knocked over are stored securely as the lift operates.

If you’d like to find out more about how dumb waiters can make your home much more comfortable, accessible and safe, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Axess 2. You can call us today on 01200 315 025 or visit our social media pages on FacebookTwitter and Google+ top keep up to date with all our lift related new!