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We recently wrote a post that looked at the unwritten code of elevator etiquette. It looked at the way that you should behave when travelling in a public lift, so that you make the experience as less awkward as possible (because it can get pretty awkward).

We thought it would be fun to take a tongue in cheek look at some of the most annoying things that people do in lifts – these are the reason why lift etiquette exists!

Drowning in people. Top view of fearful young woman in formalwear feeling trapped by the crowd while standing in elevator

Talking on The Phone/Talking to Each Other

For some reason, people think it’s perfectly okay to carry on having a loud phone conversation whilst in a lift. It’s not. Remember you’re in an enclosed space and no one cares about what you’re having for tea or what wild party you visited at the weekend. This goes for when you enter the lift with a friend. Don’t stand and have a conversation with each other. No one wants to hear your conversation, and you’re making it super awkward for everyone else.

Facing The Wrong Direction

You should face forwards when in the lift – always! Unless someone has squeezed themselves in to the point where you’re stood at a wonky angle, you should always look in one direction. There is nothing worse than looking up and having a complete stranger stood staring at you. Awkward eye contact leads to awkward smiles – and nobody wants that.

Not Pressing The Open/Close Button

If you’re stood by the open/close button, you must press it for everyone wanting to get in and out. Don’t just stand there and pointedly ignore the fact that people want to exit. You chose to stand by the lift; therefore it’s now your problem. Don’t try the pretending to look down at your phone trick either.

Man hand press 1 floor in elevator.

Holding The Lift Up For Ages

We understand that it’s polite to hold the lift when you see someone rushing for it. We even included this fact in our unwritten code of elevator etiquette. However, it’s not okay to keep everyone waiting because your friend has asked you to hold the lift whilst she rushes to the toilet. You know what is worse? Those who carry on a conversation with someone outside the lift whilst people are waiting for it to move.

People Who Use The Lift to go Down One Floor

Don’t be lazy; there is absolutely no need for you to take up valuable space in the lift only to go down one floor. We suggest you use your legs and take the stairs in this situation. Just think, everyone is probably thinking about how lazy you are once you leave the lift. This doesn’t apply to those who need to use the lift due to mobility problems – exceptions are made.

Pressing The Wrong Button

It might be done by accident, but it’s extremely annoying. Make sure you’re pressing the correct floor button for the floor you are actually wanting. If people have to unnecessarily go to a floor, they are going to be judging you. Seriously!

People in elevator. Top view of business people in formalwear standing in elevator

Now you know what really annoys people when using a lift, we hope that it’ll prevent you being one of those people. However, if you find yourself stuck in a lift with someone you don’t like – we suggest trying them all out. Just kidding!

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