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If you are business minded or used to speaking up in front of other businesses, you will probably be familiar with the term “Elevator Pitch” when it comes to sharing new products or ideas.

For those who don’t know what an elevator pitch is we’ll go into more depth in this article, but for now, we’re revelling in the fact that an actual elevator is being used in an elevator pitch in New York!

Confused? Read on!

What Is an Elevator Pitch?

So before we explain why we are excited, we thought we’d clear up what an elevator pitch is for all you readers out there who are scratching their heads.

An elevator pitch is a concept most known by businesses and entrepreneurs where you aim to grab the attention of an audience within 30-60 seconds and describe your product and service to them in a refined, concise manner.

Designers Meeting To Discuss New Ideas

The name comes from the idea that these pitches could be started and concluded during the time span of an elevator journey. The conversations are meant to be engaging and meaningful; leaving the other people wanting to know more about your product or service at the end.

However, these pitches rarely take place in an actual elevator, which is why we are excited to learn about an even where this is going to be happening!

An Elevator Pitch in an Elevator

On September 27th-28th 2015, the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth is going to hold an event which allows people to get in an elevator and actually give a real elevator elevator pitch.

As part of global media company Mashable’s Social Good Summit event, individuals and businesses are encouraged to hop in an elevator and pitch what they are doing in the name of social good; namely how they are going to help combat global poverty and how they will enhance worldwide economic inclusion.

How Does It Work?

Upon entering the MasterCard® Priceless® Elevator, individuals will introduces themselves, their colleagues and their organisation to the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth and will then have 60 seconds to answer the following question:

“What are you doing to help end poverty, and how can The Center help?”


The Center hopes that this event will bring people together to connect and make a difference in the world. Every pitch that they believe has the potential to make a difference will be posted on social media to get more people involved in helping end poverty.

So there we have it, lifts are providing fantastic, collaborative platforms for individuals, businesses and organisations to work together and make the world a better place.

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