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If you own a commercial business where customers require access to different parts of your building, then it is imperative that you fit it with the relevant equipment to ensure those with disabilities can access all levels of the building.

According to “Part M”, which is a revised addition to the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act, all commercial buildings should make “reasonable provision…for people to gain access to and use the building and its facilities”. This applies to new builds and any commercial buildings that are being extended, renovated or are undergoing a change of use.

Document M is very clear in recommending a lift in all buildings of two storeys or more to provide inclusive accessibility for all users. This means that businesses and commercial properties should make efforts to install lifts so that they are inclusive of all customers and employees. Lifts should be installed in public places that contain more than one storey. These include: shops, hotels, leisure centres, museums, libraries, hotels and schools.

Here at Axess2 we stock a comprehensive selection of passenger lifts. We provide four main types of passenger lift in either traction or hydraulic operating systems. We are confident that we can install and maintain the perfect lift for your premises, however if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for we can also create lifts to bespoke specifications.

Our hydraulic lifts have an incredibly smooth movement and are also noiseless, making for a satisfactory ride. Their low energy requirements and proven reliability make them an economical option. Axess2’s traction lifts are suitable for loads between 4 and 26 people. They are very easy to install, are energy efficient and require very little maintenance, however should you require maintenance we provide an attentive after-care service.

Consol MRL
This is the ideal machine room-less traction lift, which combines sleek design features with a compact set up. Machine room-less means that the motor, winding machine and control panel are all neatly located at the bottom of the shaft, giving you more space. The state-of-the-art geared motor and inverter provide a smooth ride that uses minimal energy. A range of finishes are available including stainless steel, aluminium, glass, and real wood veneer, so your lift can blend in effortlessly with its environment.

Excel MRL
This is the ideal traction lift for larger loads of up to 26 people or 2000KG.Because of the large capacity of these lifts, they are ideal for use in hotels, airports and stations, where large amounts of people want to transfer floors and also have bulky luggage. The machine room-less design saves you space in the lobby or area of the building where the lift is situated, however in order to fit all the components into the shaft the pit must be quite deep, so ensure you have the capacity to dig below the lowest level.

Zeus MTL
The Zeus machine room-less lift has a maximum capacity of 13 people or 1000kg, and is a medium sized lift. This would be a great addition to a hotel, retail unit, hospital or other public building. The Zeus has a very efficient design, packing all its components into the shaft and requiring minimal space. This lift is simple to install and requires very little maintenance. The gearless motor means it gives a smooth ride and is energy efficient.

The Galileo is a new state-of-the-art lift produced with our partner Maranello. It has a unique traction drive system which ensures a smooth ride, travelling at 0.6m/ second. This has been innovatively designed to optimise space; requiring as little as 300mm for the pit. This enables the lift to be integrated into a wide range of architectural concepts and projects. The Galileo is an exceptionally hard-wearing machine, capable of carrying out thousands of journeys a year. Due to its smaller capacity it is perfect in homes, offices and blocks of flats.

Axess2 provide the very best in optimal lift designs with modern buildings in mind. Our lifts can all be made in traction and hydraulic systems; depending on how much room you have, your budget and your desired ride style. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us on 01200 405 005.