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A new site has been created to help disabled people find attractions and public places where they will be able to access all facilities, making life easier and more pleasant for those with limited mobility or disabilities.

The site was set up by 40 year old Euan McDonald from Edinburgh, who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2003. Despite being wheelchair-bound, Euan likes to live his life to the full, and enjoys visiting public places such as restaurants, art galleries, sports grounds and museums. However, some venues are better than others for providing disabled access facilities, and McDonald had to find this out through trial and error. The website is designed as a directory where people can submit reviews of destinations; including detailed information about access facilities.

This week, the new site has been endorsed by award winning author JK Rowling. Rowling has a personal interest in degenerative diseases, as her own mother died of Multiple Sclerosis aged just 45. JK Rowling funded The Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic at the University of Edinburgh, which researches the causes and treatments of conditions including MS, motor neurone disease, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases, as well as autism and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. JK Rowling described Euans guide as “A friendly and straightforward guide, with information from users themselves, is an empowering development to be heartily recommended.”

The site, which can be found at, allows users to search for specific attractions or disability friendly attractions in a certain location. Businesses themselves create the listings, and visitors can leave reviews confirming their experience. The listings are very comprehensive, with locations shown on maps and photos, and on the information tab you can find a tick-list of facilities which include dedicated seating, induction loop, carer’s discount, assistance dogs, accessible toilets and accessible parking.

By providing detailed information about the accessible facilities of a venue, people with disabilities or limited mobility can confirm whether a place will cater for them before they make a trip. They can also use the resources to plan trips. The reviewing facility means that, once disabled people have visited a venue, they can post accounts of their experience so that others can get opinions about a place from firsthand experience. Euan’s Guide is looking to add as many places and attractions as possible to help disabled people, their families and carers, so if you have been somewhere with great facilities then make sure you add it to the site.

Axess2 are passionate about assisting those with disabilities or limited mobility to live full and stress free lives. We supply a range of lifts to improve accessibility in both domestic and commercial buildings. People with limited mobility can easily adapt their homes to suit their needs with the help of home lifts, but when they visit public places there is no guarantee that they will be accessible. Here at Axess2 we think Euan’s Guide is a great idea to help disabled people have better days out, and it also raises awareness about making your business more accessible.