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Lift access is increasingly found in both commercial and residential properties; in commercial buildings, regulations regarding disabled access make lifts increasingly necessary, and in the home it is both useful for those who are disabled and less able, and desirable for those who simply want a lift for ease and luxury.

However, not every building is the same, and some may think that their property is unsuitable for lift installation. Here at Axess 2, we have experience installing lifts in a wide range of properties, and their versatility may just surprise you.

Our range of platform lifts is versatile enough to offer options for a wide range of both residential and commercial uses. The beauty of these lifts is that, as the shaft is pre-built, they can be installed quickly almost anywhere – inside or outside. Although they do require a shallow pit for level working, in circumstances where this is not possible a fixed ramp can be installed instead, meaning that you only need to have the space for the lift itself. If your property has a large enough stairwell, it is sometimes possible to install the lift in this space, which requires very little in the way of structural changes to the property itself.

If space for the lift is the issue, we offer the Qube – this is the most compact home lift available, and in its smallest version it takes up around the same amount of space as a wardrobe, making it easy to install in a wide range of homes. It can operate up to 13m in height, so whether you need to get up a small rise or provide access to several floors within the property, it’s an ideal choice.

Where platform lifts are not an option, you can consider our range of stair lifts as an alternative. The Expressa has a folding platform which means that the stairway itself is not obstructed when the lift is not in use, and is easy for wheelchair users to operate. Installation of a stair lift like the Expressa requires no building work at all, so it is ideal for properties where structural changes are not an option.

Whatever kind of building you have, you may be surprised at how many options you have when it comes to installing a lift, so contact us today for advice or to get a free quotation.