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We’re a company that focuses on many types of lifts, Access liftspassenger liftshome liftsservice lifts & machine directive lifts.

With winter on its way, more and more people are piling into lifts to get a little extra warmth in the mornings, with winter though, although our lifts may be raising them up levels, we want our passengers to feel good about themselves too!

Here are our top five feel-better tips!

Wrap up warm, and go out for a walk!

Dogs Going For A Walk iStock 000039819942 Medium 1024x682 - Lift Your Spirits up!

We recommend without earphone, but if that feels foreign, then take your phone with you and listen to the radio. Scientists have proven increased brain productivity and positivity after a 20 minute walk, so go on! Get yourself out there, just for a little bit and then you can come back in and cuddle up on the sofa with some hot chocolate.


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Are awesome people! When you feel down you forget about all the people you can ring and invite round or just natter to, so when you aren’t feeling super blue, make a note of people who find it acceptable for you to randomly call without a set purpose (most people generally accept these phone calls the more you make to someone). Meet up with these people; write to some more of them letters, text the last few.


Honestly, simply. Just smile and laugh. Do the latter where people don’t mistake you for a maniac, it does not do well for one to be laughing at oneself in the lavatory!


Standing up straighter actually makes you feel better, possibly because you look slimmer too? (it’s better for standing in our access lifts too!)


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Find your favourite recipe, or discover a brand new one, baking something, particularly dough allows you take out any frustration you have and while it’s baking you can start up a good-feeling film or programme and eat your goodies

So, we’re presuming you haven’t gone for that walk yet?

Do good deeds whilst you’re out, help an old lady across the road or a small child, and maybe help someone pick up spilt grocery. Doing a small good deed fills us up with happiness that we’ve made someone else’s day that little bit more awesome.


Book Magic iStock 000048859126 Medium 1024x682 - Lift Your Spirits up!

Get out a book and start! Go wild with your reading, before you even know it the day will be nearly over. Discover how long a cup of tea can really last, not long with a good book, or all day depending on your tea habits.

Have any of these helped? There are tonnes of self-help YouTube videos and blogs out there; these are just our personal favourite ways to keep our chins up! If you want more information on just lifts, please contact us!