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In bygone days on this blog we’ve speculated on the future of the elevator – specifically elevators into space, negating the need for space flight to far flung galactic worlds. Well, it may not be a lift to the moon, but a Washington-based company are planning on putting a lift on the moon.

The LiftPort Group, based in Tacoma, Washington, first proposed the idea early this year, and looked to crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter for funds. They received $110,000 by September – which is around £70,000. Although that’s nowhere near the amount required to actually put the lift into action, it did allow the company to continue with the next step of their proposal. In October, again thanks to Kickstarter donations, LiftPort unveiled ‘Shoot the Moon’, a short film about the project.

According to The LiftPort Group, the proposed moon elevator could be ready in as little as 5 years, by the end of 2019. The lift’s main hub, the Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure, will be drilled into the middle of the light side of the moon, at a point known as Sinus Medii. This will be tethered to the PicoGravity Laboratory, a space station situated at a point where both the moon and Earth cancel out any gravitational effects.

This laboratory will be balanced by a counterweight, ensuring it remains in position. And below that, leading back to the moon? A 155,000 mile ribbon cable to be held in place thanks to our old friend gravity. So far the LiftPort Group have declined to comment on what this cable may be constructed from.

Should it all go off without a hitch, the elevator will then be used to transport minerals mined from the moon, crucial equipment like space rovers, as well as people. The company hopes to use those rovers to mine for valuable elements from the lunar surface, which will then be either sent back to Earth or used for fuel in space.

Is it pure conjecture, total speculation and sheer science-fiction, or are we entering a new era for lunar exploration and for elevators? Here at Axess 2 we love seeing how the industry continually evolves and reinvents itself. From home lifts to commercial elevators, for more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01200 405 005 or email and our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist with your enquiries.