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When it comes to moving house everybody has a set number of things to tick off of their list. From the shape of the windows to how worn the carpet is, there are certain ways to help boost your property value and, believe it or not, home lifts are one of them.

When people think of home lifts they may not immediately bring to mind stunning works of glass, metal and ornate designs. It’s true that home lifts are the perfect addition for families and individuals with disabilities or who find it hard to climb the stairs. What ease they bring to you and your family can last you a life time and if you ever come to selling your property, they can also bring that ease to another family. Having it already installed can be a great bonus for searching buyers, some of whom may never have thought to install a lift themselves; and that’s not the only advantage.

Cost Efficient

For those of you worried about your lift taking a chunk out of your pay check, don’t panic. One great advantage of our lifts is cost efficiency

Take our hydraulic lifts for example, these stylish lifts can be adapted for any home environment, with closed cabin lifts being the favourite option. A hydraulic lift offers the same high-performance you’d expect to find in any commercial or business building and benefits from low installation and running costs too! So not only will this lift benefit you and your family, but if you ever come to selling your home, the added bonus of a cost efficient lift can earn you extra brownie points on the market.

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Energy Efficient

Having a lift in your home you know won’t affect your energy bills is a huge benefit to both your purse and any potential future buyers! You could boast to your estate agents of the eco friendly advantages of your Leonardo home lift, for example; with its 200mm pit size and its original sliding door features, this platform lift can save you money without damaging the environment!

Never forget, for any potential buyers, the mention of eco friendly fittings and features always earns those important gold stars.

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No Messy Installation

Our home lifts are specially designed with you in mind. We know that whether you’re looking to move home or planning on staying in your current home for the next thirty years and then some, the last thing you want to deal with is damages to your interior design.

You may have images of work men trudging in and out of your house carrying heavy equipment and knocking into your nicely painted walls, or leaving rubble all over your carpet as they install your home lifts. The truth is that it’s really not that messy. Our lifts are designed to reduce the size of the pit (the base of the lift) for the mechanisms, as well as the head, this means there won’t be any damage done to your property when your lift is being installed. No building work is required so instead of fretting about how much you’ll need to dish out to tidy up the paint work, you can concentrate on which selling agents would best suit your property.

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Stylish Designs

One of the best aspects of a home lift is that you don’t have to keep to the standardised design of commercial lifts. We offer our customers a range of added features and fittings to help you make your home lift a little bit more personal for however long you use it for. From button shapes to the colour of your cabin panels, display designs to ingenious secret and sleek doors, no matter your sense of style or the layout of your home, we’ve got just what you need to create a lift you feel at home in.

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Effective Designs

No matter how long you’re planning on staying in your home, whether you’re considering a lift to help a disabled family member, or whether you simply wish to add an interesting and stylish feature to your home, when it comes to selling your house, the benefits of including a stylish, efficient lift can greatly increase your property value and your chance of a quick sell.

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We understand that buying a lift is a big decision, so if you have any questions, or would like to know more about the types of lifts we can offer you, contact us on 01200 405 005 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.