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Ever since its invention, the humble passenger lift has influenced the buildings we live and work in, and the environment that surrounds us. However, unless you happen to be an architect or a lift specialist, you probably don’t think too much about this influence – so some of the ways that lifts have changed not only our buildings but also our society may surprise you.

Skyscraper Skylines

We’ll start with the most obvious change; the height of buildings. It was possible to build tall structures without elevators, of course – that simply comes down to the strength and abundance of available building materials, and buildings of ten or more stories are thought to have been built by the Ancient Romans. However, in practical terms, few people wish to live at the top of 200 or more stairs! The introduction of the safety elevator in 1852, combined with the development of steel framed buildings, made it both possible to build tall buildings and practical to use those higher floors.

Penthouse Chic

In ancient times, the top floors of early high-rises were occupied by the lower classes – the poor. Nobility and those with money did not, after all, want to tire themselves out with all those stairs. With the introduction of the lift this changed completely. Now, the top floors became the literal height of luxury, elevating the rich and the famous far away from the dirt of the streets, with penthouse apartments equipped with rooftop pools and terraces from which to enjoy the panoramic views.

Business Practices

Because lifts are so common in office buildings, and they’re used by everybody from the tea lady to the CEO, they created a unique networking opportunity and led to the development of the “elevator pitch”. The idea is that whatever you’re selling – a new project or policy, an event, or even your own abilities and services – you should be able to summarise it in the length of time that the average lift ride takes. That way, should you find yourself stepping into the lift with the decision maker you need to get the go ahead from, you’re ready to make your proposition and hopefully step out on your floor with a decision – or at least a promise of a meeting.

Here at Axess 2, we understand how much difference a lift can make, whether in a public building or a domestic one. We install a wide range of service, step and platform lifts in a wide range of buildings, so whatever your requirements we’re sure we can help. For more information, get in touch with our team today on 01200 405005.