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When mobility is reduced, even navigating your own home can become an incredibly difficult and taxing chore, that can leave you feeling exhausted and demoralised. However, wheelchair lifts have revolutionised mobility for wheelchair users, allowing them to travel between the separate floors of their home with ease. However, when it comes to choosing the perfect wheelchair, many people are left feeling confused, unsure about the next step they should take. If you’re interested in home disability lifts for you or your loved one, then here are four tips you should take into consideration:

1. Consider the space available

The layout of your home is a crucial aspect if you’re considering investing in wheelchair lifts for the home. A wheelchair lift will take up a large portion of the space available, so you have to choose a lift that’s best suited for the space. If you don’t own your home or live in a listed building, there might be restrictions on the modifications you’re allowed to make; wheelchair lifts can be fitted either inside or outside the building depending on the size of your house and your personal requirements, so take this is into consideration when selecting your wheelchair.

2. Which type of access lifts are available?

When it comes to choosing an access lift, you need to be sure that it’s the right one for you as there is a variety to choose from.

Platform lifts 

Traditionally used in commercial buildings such as shopping complexes and schools, these lifts can also be used in your home. They can effectively and safely transport you to different floors of your home; this is the quickest and most efficient method of transportation for those with serious mobility issues.

Qube Platform Lift



Stair lift

Chosen because they easily fit into the design of your home, stair lifts are a popular choice for the disabled. However, transferring from the wheelchair to the stair lift seat can be an arduous and time-consuming task; inclined platform stair lifts eliminate the need for this transition, transporting both the user and their chair in one go.


3. Choose a wheelchair lift that will last

Your wheelchair lift should be a lifetime investment that you can rely on for years to come. Select a manufacturer with a sterling reputation and read online user reviews of the company. Before you purchase your wheelchair lift, check the maximum capacity it can hold; constantly overloading the lift will shorten its lifespan.

Easy Lift Wheelchair Lift


4. Consider the unique characteristics of the chair

There are so many wheelchair lift manufacturers out there and it’s up to you to look for the lifts that stand out from the competition. Consider the unique characteristics of the device; if you share your home with other family members, it might be worth investing in a disabled lift that isn’t noisy when in operation. If you consider yourself to be a technophobe, look for a wheelchair lift that’s easy to use and isn’t overloaded with confusing buttons.

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