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The invention of the commercial lift dates back to the early half of the 19th century in which Elisha Otis developed already existing lift ideas by implementing an emergency brake system that opened up a new world of possibilities. Suddenly the lift was no longer a luxury or a fad, it was a genuinely viable method of shortening the time it takes to travel around a building that increased accessibility hugely. Once the safety systems were in place the biggest buildings in the world were able to implement this incredible technology and even bigger buildings were now easily possible.

Lifts have continued to grow in popularity and are now available in thousands of different styles and can perform a huge number functions. No longer the preserve of skyscrapers the lift is one of those genius technologies that we see every day and think nothing of. The technology that makes lifts so useful is constantly developing though and only this week a huge breakthrough in lift design was announced. The incredible Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre lift is set to break the record for the fastest lift in the world when completed, with a top speed of 45 miles an hour it can climb to the 95th floor in only 43 seconds. These kinds of huge leaps forward in what is possible are also coupled with impeccable safety standards that ensure you can rest easy knowing that the technology behind lifts is incredibly safe.

The secret to lifts continued usefulness is they make light work of things that humans find incredibly difficult, whether it is the simple act of vertical travel or the fact that lifts can carry several passengers as well as their luggage without breaking a sweat. Imagine for example that instead of taking the lift in The Shard you chose to climb to the 87th floor via the stairs!

Here at Axess 2 we supply a huge range of lifts, from Platform Lifts to dumb waiters and everything in between. We are committed to providing the best possible quality products to those that need improved access solutions and have worked with a large number of industries from River Island to the Charles Dickens museum. If you are looking for the perfect lift for your home or business, do not hesitate to contact us today and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help.