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Are you a landlord of a pub and finding the transportation of your food a problem from the kitchen upstairs? Perhaps you work in the retail industry and need equipment to move heavy goods. It is worthwhile to invest in some apparatus that will make life easier for you. Here at Axess2  we have dumbwaiter lifts and trolley lifts, for this very reason.


Dumbwaiter lifts have been around for many years and work on a very simple technique. They have evolved over the years with electric motors being adding to them, which means they are now mechanically propelled up and down the lift shaft. Dumb waiter lifts are ideal for transporting food and drinks in a restaurant, bar or pub. They can also be used for transporting goods in a shop or moving stationary between office floors and records in a hospital.

Here at Axess2 we are proud of our dumb waiter lifts, they have many attributes that will be beneficial to your business. Our dumb waiter lift cars are constructed with powder coated mild steel and a removable stainless steel shelf, which means they are built to last the test of time. For your convenience, they have a self-supporting structure that will not require a load-bearing lift shaft and they can serve 6 floors and can take loads of 50kg/100kg. For ease of use the lift has automatic controls and audible indicators.

Trolley Lifts

Our trolley lifts can take heavier loads of 250kg and 300kg depending on the model you choose. These lifts are used in retail, pubs, hotels and bars to transport heavier items such as beer barrels and large roll containers. Once we have supplied you with our trolley lift, it is easy to install as no separate motor room or load bearing shaft is needed. On average a trolley lift should take 3-4 days for us to install depending on the onsite conditions.

Once the trolley lift is installed, you will be pleased with its smooth operation. The efficient motor winding unit is quiet so it won’t disturb your patrons or employees. In addition to this the counter-balance drive system is efficient, ensuring electrical consumption is kept down to a minimum. Our trolley lifts can lift up to six floors and much like our dumb waiter lifts, the car is constructed with mild steel to ensure it has a long life span. It also has fully automatic button control and dispatch facilities at each entrance.

If you believe that you could benefit from our dumb waiter lifts or trolley lifts then don’t hesitate to contact us. We specialise in lift installations and we will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.