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Here at Axess2 we stock a range of dumbwaiter lifts which provide a perfect solution for businesses requiring efficient transportation of small goods to different levels of the premises. They are suitable for many types of business mainly in the hospitality and catering industries for the efficient transportation of food, drinks and sometimes documents.

The Dumbwaiter was created by George W. Cannon in 1883 and would have originally been powered manually using a pulley system. Dumbwaiters became far more sophisticated in the 1920s when they had motors added and models are still being developed today to improve their performance. Below we outline just some of the possible applications for a dumbwaiter in commercial settings and how they make business smoother.

1) Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes. Many cafes and restaurants are situated in buildings where space is compromised and therefore the kitchen is installed into the basement or tucked away upstairs. To prevent food being spilled during the carriage across the restaurant, chefs can send dishes up to the restaurant floor. This saves waiters time and prevents accidents.

2) Hotels. Dumbwaiters can serve a variety of useful purposes in a multi-storey hotel. If you offer room service then meals can be sent to different floors and members of staff can pick them up at the relevant floor without having to wheel a trolley down corridors or in a lift. A dumb waiter could also be attached to a laundry room to smoothly send dirty laundry downstairs or to send piles of clean laundry up to chambermaids on whichever floor they require it.

dumbwaiter 2

3) Hospitals. A dumbwaiter lift can be installed into a hospital administration room or files room so that documents can be transported quickly and safely to different parts of the building.Alternatively, you could also use them in the drug store room, and when drugs are required on certain floors they can be sent without a member of staff having to be sent to pick them up.

4) Catalogue shops. Service lifts are really handy in catalogue shops where the stock room is on a separate floor to the shop. If you have people continuously working in the stock room, and an effective communication system then you can easily utilise the lift to send products down to customers.

5) Libraries. More and more libraries are installing small service lifts to send books to different storeys of a library. A computer system is necessary to notify staff on each floor that a batch of books is on its way. This is an efficient way of returning used books to their correct location.

6) Post offices. Post office workers are continuously shifting batches of letter and parcels to relevant dispatching areas. A dumbwaiter or small service lift means that they can worry less about carrying loads and focus more time on administration. Parcels could be sent to the sorting office or despatch warehouse if it is part of the same building.

Although people most commonly recognise a dumbwaiter as assisting the transportation of dishes in restaurants, they aren’t restricted to simply carrying food. Dumbwaiters are a fantastic solution for regularly moving small loads up and down a building. Our dumbwaiters can serve up to 6 floors and take loads of up to 100kg. For more information please contact us on 01200 405 005.