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Why Buying A Home Lift Is Not A Light Decision

As with all major decisions in life, choosing to buy a home lift is a huge decision and is not one that can be taken lightly. Here at Axess2 we work with homeowners who have made the decision to install a home lift every day, so we like to think that we know a thing or two about the concerns that people have before buying.

Before you make such a big decision, there are a few factors which can appear to be stumbling blocks – however, with the right information to hand, you’ll see that it’s actually a lot easier than you may think!

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There is no avoiding the fact that home lifts are a serious buying decision which requires serious thought. In recent years though, increased demand and technological advancements have made buying a home lift far more affordable, so it’s a much easier financial decision to make.

Here at Axess2 we have a range of affordable lifts that help you to lessen the cost as much as possible whilst still getting the best possible quality.


One of the major misconceptions about lifts is that they are unsafe and unfortunately this view is shared by every Hollywood movie producer out there. The truth is that a lift is one of the very safest methods of transport that you can take and malfunctions are both uncommon and unlikely to cause injury.

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One of the best steps that you can take, in order to ensure that your lift is as safe as possible, is to hire a reputable contractor who works within the current safety regulations.


There is a good reason that reliable cars sell better than unreliable ones and it is of course that a car which requires regular fixing is going to cost a fortune in the long run. The same concern is prevalent when it comes to buying a lift. Thankfully the technology involved in modern lifts is incredibly reliable and needs very little repair except for manufacturer recommended servicing.

Future Value

Unlike a car, it is very unlikely that you will be trading in your old lift against a new one; the trade off is that a quality lift can add serious value to your home. As well as increased access for new home owners, a well designed lift can increase the aesthetic quality of your home.

The simple fact is that rather than being a detriment, a lift is generally seen as a positive feature in the home and increases potential sale value.


The perception of lifts is often that they are only an option for those that have acres of space in the country manor. This is far from the truth though and there aren’t many homes where a lift is not an option.

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We even have space saving lifts that are specifically designed for smaller properties where space is at a premium. Our Space saving lifts don’t require a pit underneath that would require more space being taken up.


Far too often when you decide to add an improvement to your home you are faced with months of discomfort and having to live with construction going on around the house. With our space saving lifts we negate the need for a pit underneath the lift shaft, as all of the electronics are integrated into the shaft itself.

This vastly cuts down the time required to install the lift and minimises the time needed for installation, so your lift is sure to be in your home much sooner than you might have thought.

Why Choose Axess2?

Now that we’ve addressed those factors, we’re sure that we’ve convinced you that your lift purchase is bound to be a good idea, and the next question on your mind is where to get your lift from? Well, we happen to have a huge amount of experience in both commercial and domestic lifts and there are several reasons that our customers love us.

As an industry leader, we are always looking for the latest in lift technology and our engineers are experts in a variety of lift manufacturers. Throughout our installation process we always ensure that our work is compliant with the latest regulations, making sure that our lift is safe and reliable.

As well as leading the industry in terms of technology and quality, we also lead the way in terms of customer service. When you order from Axess2 you can be assured that, from start to completion, you will get the highest possible level of service and be kept informed throughout every stage of purchase and installation.

So there you have it, a comprehensive and reassuring round up of why a lift is a good investment for you and for your home. If there is only one more question on your mind – ‘what am I waiting for?’ – don’t worry, as we are here to help.

Simply contact us today with your request and our team of dedicated engineers will help you make your dream a reality.