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Home lifts are no longer the preserve of the rich and famous; for many, they are an affordable and attractive addition to the home. Whether you want to improve access to your home because of mobility issues or simply want a lift for the aesthetic and practical values it offers, here at Axess 2 we have the solution to suit you. To help you find that solution, we look here at the various factors that you’ll need to consider.

The first question is, naturally, what purpose do you need the lift to serve?

This may seem like a question with an obvious answer – the lift provides access to different levels within the home – but if you consider more specific aspects then you may find yourself very quickly narrowing down your options.

For example, you may need a lift to provide access to upper floors for a wheelchair user. In this case, you may be able to consider either an enclosed passenger lift or a stair lift. With enclosed lifts, the size of the cabin may be a consideration – not all wheelchairs are the same size, after all, and a compact option may not be suitable if the main user is in a bulky wheelchair and needs to be accompanied by a carer. With stair lifts, you will need to consider whether your staircase is suitable – if it has tight turns, or a particularly steep gradient, it may not be the practical choice.

The height which your lift needs to reach is also a consideration; if you need to access two or three floors, you would generally be looking at different solutions than you would if you only need to provide access up a single short flight of stairs.

You will also need to consider the placement of your lift, based on the space available, which parts of the home require access, and which kinds of lift will suit your purpose. In some circumstances, an exterior lift is an option, and many of our products are suitable for this kind of use. The placement of your lift will, of course, affect how much building work is required, but with many of our lifts this can be kept to a minimum, as we offer a range of lifts which don’t even need a pit to be excavated at the ground floor level.

Once you have narrowed down your options based on your practical needs, we can look at your aesthetic options; we offer a wide range of lift design options with many of our products that will allow you to choose a lift which blends seamlessly with the design of your home.

It may be that you want a lift which will blend into the background and not be noticeable at all; in this case, you might choose an enclosed lift which can be fitted with a door to match your other interior doors, so that it appears to simply lead to another room. For a short flight of stairs, you can even have an almost entirely invisible option – the FlexStep, which can convert from a flight of steps into a platform lift for complete flexibility.

Axess 2 FlexStep platform lift 05

You may alternatively wish to make a feature of your lift; you might choose to add glass sides to the shaft and decorative glass doors, or work with our designers to create a completely unique design.

The interior of our lift cabins can also be designed to work with your décor, ensuring that you not only have the most practical choice but also one which works visually within your home.

When you come to us here at Axess 2 for home lifts, our professional and experienced team will talk you through all the available options, helping you to choose the most suitable lifts for your home and your budget. For more information, contact us today on 01200 405 005.