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As each year slowly draws to a close, we have the joy of seeing what kind of architecture projects are just around the corner – starting the imminent excitement of the New Year early, and giving everyone a little preview of the future. 

When it comes to location, next to innovative projects being developed in Lancashire (where we live), London is perhaps our next favourite hot spot for new architecture. Recently, London has become a hot spot of some incredibly interesting new projects, but for a few varied reasons.

Fuelled by rising levels of investment by developers, a need to house an ever growing population and the necessity to improve infrastructure, London is evolving at a rapid rate, and once some of these projects are completed, we’ll be able to see a real change to the city, the next step in its life cycle. From monkey to mankind.

Garden Bridge over the River Thames

This project isn’t exactly innovative, given that it serves as a simple bridge which happens to house a large garden – an idea which is incredibly simple. While the bridge itself will serve the public as a way to access both the north and south parts of London with ease, it’s the idea behind the bridge which makes this stand-out.

You might have heard of Joanna Lumley (come on, you have), who’s been helping with the project since its conception and we think she sums up what’s best about this project, “This garden will be sensational in every way: a place with no noise or traffic where the only sounds will be birdsong and bees buzzing and the wind in the trees, and below the steady rush of water.” How lovely.

Endless City

Have you ever seen a sci-fi film or series where people have managed to cram an entire society into a smaller space and somehow the people are happy and without want? Well, that’s exactly what Endless City hopes to achieve. Of course, this project is a long way off and when you consider its ambition, there’s no surprise to that fact.

SURE Architecture’s design is incredibly innovative mainly due to the fact that it could theoretically house an entire neighbourhood within its walls – its own ecosystem, and a spiralling form that could be extended infinitely upwards to accommodate businesses, schools, parks, public plazas and shopping areas on top of the residential communities its hoping to hold.

Floating Freshwater Pools for the Thames

We don’t think anyone could hold their hand over their heart and honestly say that they would go for a swim in the Thames – well, perhaps not in its current filthy form anyway. Soon however, the urge to go for a bathe in the river that once gave cause to the Great Stink will be an incredibly common one with the arrival of London’s Super Sewers – a new sewage tunnel that will make the waters of the river clean enough to bathe in.

Thanks to the popularity and enthusiasm that the project got from the public when it was initially revealed, the studio behind the project, Studio Octopi, has now launched a freshwater version of the scheme with a floating pontoon which would contain three swimming pools and is hoping to launch sometime next year.

The future holds some truly exciting projects, and we can’t wait until these ones in particular see the light of day and become a permanent part of our country’s capital.

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