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At Axess2, we’re not only about providing quality service; we also care about giving you the freedom you need to imagine, design and create. Making a lift can be a very gratifying project to embark on, especially when you’re supported by a company like ours – with us, you can choose from a huge range of combinations and design flourishes to make your lift truly unique.


We like to use open protocol in our passenger lifts. For those unfamiliar with the term, this means that our lifts are constructed from products developed by technicians who release their designs. This allows us to source parts from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers who produce components that work alongside our structures, which has proven to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Working with closed protocol systems, by contrast, means that when you purchase a product from a company, conducting routine service on that product will often require you to buy specific parts from their company. These parts often come at an inflated price, because the company has a stronghold on the parts you need.

Open protocol gives us the freedom to create not only within a smaller budget, but with a wider variety of parts and possibilities.

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Our architect’s portal is a haven for lift designers. From here, you can use our plans and blueprints to start creating your personalised lift around our tried and tested structures. We have plans for everything, from the QUBE 4 to the Traction 600, in a range of sizes and weights.

You can also access our safety standards from this portal, which detail the necessary legal requirements that we must consider in all of our designs, as well as our aims for additional passenger safety; we’re always prepared to go the extra mile when it comes to our lifts.

We combine style with performance, and safety is at the heart of all our creations. We are also able to advise you on the implementation of your dream lift in accordance with Building Regulations and British Standards. Our accreditations speak for themselves, but if you’re interested in working with us on a lift project, we recommend getting in touch with our team.


We have been designing and creating lifts with a variety of businesses and companies for years, which has provided us with practical industry experience.

Designing a lift is more than simply creating the physical lift; we also seek to provide smooth and deeply satisfying consumer experiences. We’ve had successful projects with various types of clients, from business corporations requiring commercial lifts to private consumers in need of the ultimate home lift. Some of our most innovative lifts are proudly showcased via our case studies.


Making your lift shouldn’t be stressful, rushed or disorganised. That’s why we aim to give you as much freedom as is affordable for you and your property. We recommend that you plan for the designing of your lift to take a long time in order to give yourself the time needed to design a lift that not only shines as an individual product but one that gives a seamless transition through each floor of your building.

Our range encompasses three main styles, from which there is always room to branch out: Futuristic, modern, and classic. These basic styles should act as a starting point for your design ideas; and by picking one of these ideas, we will be able to communicate which features will best compliment your desired finish.

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The Axess2 experience is one of luxury, from start to finish. Our luxury lifts are sleek, compact and efficient, benefited by our nationwide engineering service to provide you with peace of mind. We have so many lift types to offer you, but for top of the range customisable structures, we recommend designs such as the Silens Pro Compact or the Galileo traction 600. These are two truly beautiful lifts that will not only wow business partners but will satisfy you, journey after journey.

These lifts can be used in a multitude of settings, so why not consider using these designs to start planning your next luxury home lift? Get in touch with us today for more information.