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We’re always a little suspicious of those mini-ledge things that connect lower floors to higher ones. Mother always told us it was rude to stair, which is why we decided to develop our lifts for stairs and tackle the problem leg-on. To preserve you and yours from the stair-ifying reality of ascending floors in your home or place of work, we want to elevate your awareness to the blight of stairs.

Be Stair-ful

Personally we’ve never tripped up in a lift. Not sure about you, but these stair malarkies can cause nasty sprains, pains and breaks if you’re not careful. We don’t take any chances with using stairs, that’s why we’ve installed lifts in our home. Don’t take the chance; we’d consider grabbing yourself a domestic lift if we were you.


Causing a Stair

Keep left. Keep right. Use the banister. Leave me alone!

Stairs are a stressy business, bossing you left, right and banister. For a pleasant and chilled ride up to your destination, you’d be best getting into an elevator; these guys know how to travel… in style. Check out our Hydraulic 250 and tell us that it isn’t better than having to sweat your way up some stairs.

What are these guys up to?
What are these guys up to?

Elevator Way to Heaven

Led Zeppelin may have loved stairways, but they never had to install one. You can’t just install one stair, you’ve got to install several of the tinkers together. They’re more hassle than they’re worth… The modularisation of elevators is putting these stair-wallies to shame.

Phworr... but look at those idiots in the background.
Phworr… but look at those idiots in the background.

The Ease of Planning For a Lift

There’s no pun in that subheading, just have you ever tried to plan the build on a set of stairs? They go up, and round, and over, and flick, and all sorts of faffery. Lifts? Up and down, mate. Don’t believe us, well… no you’ve seen lifts, of course you believe us, but they make the planning of an access system an absolute dream compared to planning for a family of stairs.

Imagine going up this geezer without an elevator. Foolish.
Imagine going up this geezer without an elevator. Foolish.

Stepping it Up

Stairs can’t even do stairs in the way we do stairs. Check out our FlexStep! These beauties are a fantastic access product for wheelchair users or walking-impaired folks, alike. Not only that, we think they look the part too. The montage in Rocky would have been a lot less tedious and lengthy with one of these bad boys.

(family portraits not included)


Ever been chased up the stairs? Horrible ‘innit.


The Stair-t of Something Beautiful

When you’re at work, or off to bed, the last thing you want to waste your time doing is actually travelling between locations. Imagine being in a smooth, sleek, temperate wee cabin, big enough for you and your mates, travelling gently towards your destination.


Sounds like heaven?

Well my friend… you’d love lifts. Imagine being where you want to be with the minimal effort. You’ve just imagined lift-travel… Even spaceships have lifts. Even the Queen doesn’t use standard stairs if she can help it.


We hope we’ve opened your eyes to the dangers of stair-ing­. Next time you see someone doing it, maybe just send them in our direction. So, if you’ve been affected by any of the topics mentioned in this article and would like to discuss the option of approaching the modern-era through obtaining yourself an elevator, all you have to do is catch up with the rest of the world by contacting us on 01200 405 005. One of our friendly astronauts lift specialists will be eagerly awaiting your call.

And remember… don’t get staired out; allow us to lift your spirits.