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Take a second to think about all of those amazing lift installations you’ve just undertaken for your various clients. Can you remember how pleased they were with your excellent work? Whether you know it or not, you’ve just made your client’s day in more ways than one. Investing their money into a lift isn’t just for their individual, practical reasons, the benefits of a quality lift in the commercial and domestic setting, stretches far further than that.


Increases Property Value

When the attention of your client turns towards the future of their home or commercial building, they’ll start to wonder exactly how much their property is worth. Estate agents look at a number of factors to determine the worth of a building such as its general location, its location in relation to amenities such as schools and shops, the physical and structural stability and the general aesthetical appearance of the property. Another area they pay close attention to is accessibility.

A home or business with limited access to individuals who have limited mobility will have a dramatic decrease in property value than one which is easily accessible to everyone.  Including a reliable, durable lift into your clients home and business immediately increases their property value so, if they ever come to selling, they can be certain that they’ve made a profitable investment.

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It Doesn’t Just Benefit Themselves

The great advantage with lifts is that your clients don’t personally need to be physically impaired to invest in one. When it comes to reasons as to why your clients can’t get enough of lifts, be they in their home or their work place, it’s because of how diverse they can be. Though your clients may have no trouble using the stairs, they may have loved ones who do. Friends, family and general guests may find using the stairs a problem and your clients may wish to be as accommodating as possible.

Installing a lift in a single building isn’t simply complying to your clients wishes, it’s a convenient feature which helps the mobility of anybody who may wish to visit your clients in the future.

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An Aesthetically Pleasing Feature

Your client may wish to deck out their property in the most modern fashion. There’s nothing that screams a sophisticated lifestyle like the aesthetical appearance of a domestic or commercial lift. Constructed from sparkling steel and strong glass, our domestic and commercial lifts add a little bit of class and elegance to any property. Our bespoke service also allows your clients to pick and choose how they want their lifts to look.

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A lift in your client’s property gives them the a freedom of choice they may otherwise have been without. Granting the option of a staircase or a lift caters for every individual while a choice in appearances allows them to personalise their lift to suit their company or home environment. We understand how important your clients are to you, which is why we supply quality passenger and platform lifts along with a range of services you can explore and enjoy. If you’re unsure about anything don’t hesitate to contact us on 01200 405 005 or message us via our FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Youtube pages and we’ll help answer any and all of your questions.