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Qube Home Lift Installation Was The Ideal Solution

“When my wife and I were both diagnosed with heart conditions within a year of each other we had to take a hard look at how to manage increasing age and ill-health. We ruled out downsizing as we are very settled in our community and didn’t want to lose the facilities of our home. As a retired Director of Social services I knew the biggest problem we could face would be maintaining our ability to move from floor to floor in the house.

We looked at a number of lifts; stairlifts were ruled out because they could not allow both of to travel up together nor if one of us ends up in a wheelchair. Other cabin lifts we considered would leave us with ugly mechanisms on show or required entry and access through the same doors or just wouldn’t fit without taking over the space in two rooms. We had almost given up hope when I came across Axess 2’s Qube lift.

The Qube lift fitted our purpose and most importantly allowed entry and exit to be at right angles as well as having a fully enclosed shaft which could be made predominantly of glass so as not to cut down light transmission. It could also be fitted into our hallway avoiding taking up space in any rooms.

When lockdown happened I was concerned having paid 95% of the cost but Axess2 proved to be the best company I dealt with during the pandemic, immediately issuing us with a certificate transferring ownership of the lift materials to us.

We now have our lift and can look forward to enjoying all the facilities of our home into even older age.”

Mr and Mrs Knowles

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