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Home Lift Installation, Liverpool FC

With the recent win meaning that Liverpool FC have landed themselves in the semi-finals, fans across the country have celebrated in various ways. However, our favourite commemoration of the football club has to be the installation of a completely LFC-themed home lift.

Maybe you fancy yourself to be the biggest fan of your own football team and are planning on incorporating something similar in your home, or you just want to learn more about the things that you need to consider before buying a home lift. Either way, learning about the process that we undertake to create the perfect lift for a variety of buildings will help you understand just how personalised your lift can be!


Having heard about our ability to create a bespoke lift, with personalised aesthetics and custom technical features, our client Chris came to us for an elevator that would get him between floors in the house. He was adamant he wanted something chicer than a stairlift, so we were put to work on designing his dream elevator.

Although he was unsure of the style of lift he wanted at first, we spent time talking to him to determine what it was he wanted and needed, especially since he had no prior knowledge of how the lift would operate. From this, we were able to determine that he was an avid Liverpool fan, especially since he recently moved to the city to support his favourite team.

After speaking with him and determining what he required, we put together some detailed specifications and design ideas. After all, the key to creating a dream home is design, so we were sure to consider how to inject his personality into his property. Within a few hours we were able to get these across to him and he was happy with how it was all coming together!


When installing the lift, we made sure everything was perfect to the final detail. This meant precise measurements were taken so that the cabin, doors and interior aspects all slotted together perfectly. This is not only to ensure safety, but so that everything looked sleek.

Within a matter of days, we were putting on the finishing touches of the design. This involved placing wraps on the interior and exterior with the team’s colours and crest for the perfect finish.

Thank you to the contractors – JW Construction – for getting us involved in this project, an excellent opportunity!


Although this was one of the most interesting residential lifts we have designed and installed, we are always looking for a new challenge. In recent times, we have also been featured on Channel 4 for the installation of an elevator in a property shown on the Restoration Man. We’ve also been put to work on Durham Cathedral to enhance access between levels to their new Monk’s Dormitory exhibition.

So if you’re looking for an unusual elevator for your home or commercial property, we are able to create the perfect lift for you in a variety of styles and finishes! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of our latest news and updates.

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