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Platform Installation, Dedworth Medical Centre, Windsor

Queen Elizabeth II unveils a plaque adjacent to the Axess 2 lift as she visits the Dedworth Medical Centre in Windsor.

The new offices of the GP practice used by Windsor Castle staff were opened by the Queen in December 2011. She later went on to meet the architects, builders and members of the Primary Care Trust before touring the new facility.

Around £2 million was spent buying and refurbishing the building which, together with another site run by the centre has more than 11,000 patients.

The Architects, Corrigan, Soundy & Kilaiditi were tasked in refurbishing the existing two storey building whilst utilising the existing structure to create a contemporary medical centre.

Two brick pavilions were built to replace an existing single level lean-to. A contemporary courtyard divides the two pavilions. The building is constructed of discrete building elements with large glazed areas to emphasize the surgery entrance. A feature wall divides the new two storey building from the existing and guides patients into the large spacious entrance foyer.

Axess 2 was approached by the architects, simply because we had the perfect product for this particular project. A low pit, low headroom lift solution. After the initial consultation the Leonardo MRL traction lift was chosen. With a vast range of lift car options and materials we were confident that we could match the contemporary surroundings of the new building.

To complement the modern look of the buildings fixtures and fittings, the bespoke lift cabin and the lift doors were finished in a combination of satin steel, highly polished steel and glass. The glass vision wall in the lift car gives it a light and airy feel whilst providing a great view of the courtyard whilst in motion.

Axess 2 is keen to ensure its products reflect the Government-generated green initiatives that are becoming increasingly important in the UK. The flexible low power electric motor runs at a maximum of 5 amps, needing only a simple domestic supply, This machine roomless platform lift saves on space and cost making it the ideal choice for the Dedworth Medical Centre.

The Dedworth Medical Centre Lift Specification:

  • DDA and Part M of the Building Regulations compliant.
  • Low power consumption (0.8 kW (max 0.95 kW))
  • 240v, 1 phase, 50Hz, 10 amp isolator
  • New geared motor, with dual breaking system.
  • Speed, travel at 0.15 meters per second.
  • Low pit – 200mm
  • Travel – 2850mm
  • Headroom – 2900mm
  • 5 Person 400kg
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN81-41
  • Single entry
  • Automatic glass and stainless steel sliding doors
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