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The former Clyde Street School in Helensburgh is a Grade B listed building with beautiful architectural structure and design. It recently underwent a refurbishment, beginning in September 2013, and was converted into the Clyde Community Education Centre – a project that ended in June 2015 and saw the installation of a lift in its premises.

When Graham Construction contracted us for this conversion project, we had a very important decision to make: choosing the right type of lift for this historic building. We knew that because of the listed nature of the building, the alterations performed had to be minimal – and respect the original architecture. In the end we chose the Traction 600 (Galileo) for its amazing features and versatility.

Photo 11 06 2015 12 46 39 768x1024 - Why We Used the Galileo Lift for the Former Clyde Street School


The alterations performed had to be as non-disruptive of their surroundings as possible, since we were working on a historic building, so we knew we had to reduce them to a minimum. The Galileo works well for this, as it can be installed in a low pit and, therefore, reduce the number of modifications needed to the area – this greatly impacted our decision-making. After all, we were limited in what we could change in this listed building, so the fact that we didn’t have a lot of excavation to do was important.

This way we also ensured that no damage occurred to the original structure during the installation process, be it when we fixed the glass and steel enclosure to the mezzanine platform or when we installed the other lift components.

Photo 12 06 2015 15 38 19 768x1024 - Why We Used the Galileo Lift for the Former Clyde Street School


A major part of what made this project so interesting is how it combined the original architectural structure with the more modern alterations that transformed an old building into a vibrant Civic Centre. Not only did this project intend to bet on the community, but it also didn’t want to lose what made the building so special.

For this reason, even though glass and steel are perceived as modern, they work extremely well in conjunction with a wide range of other materials. The Galileo provided a modern touch to the historic, old style of the Centre, and the result was a perfect balance between the new and the old.


The preservation of the building’s history and remarkable features were a concern throughout the whole project, so it was vital to ensure the lift blended in with the overall design. The glass and steel structure of the Galileo allows it to appear nearly invisible in its surroundings, meaning the lift is incredibly non-disruptive. Also, the glass enclosure allows the original architecture to shine through, as we opted not to hide it behind the lift and showcase it instead to everyone who visits the Centre.

Photo 11 06 2015 12 46 48 1 768x1024 - Why We Used the Galileo Lift for the Former Clyde Street School


The increasing awareness of a building’s environmental impact played a very important role when deciding the lift. The Galileo requires low power to work, meaning it’s a great eco-friendly solution to any building, especially the Clyde Community Education Centre with its focus on community and innovation. Because its car size is large and capable of carrying a lot of people at once, it minimises the need for multiple trips, saving energy and time.

One lift might work well in one building and not in another, so it was important to pick the right lift for this project. The Galileo lends itself to being customised according to the building and the building owner’s requirements, so visitors to the Clyde Community Education Centre can now access it easily and quickly – and wonder at the original architecture on display.

At Axess2 we can meet all of our customers’ needs, as we have many years of experience both with listed and non-listed buildings. We also understand that each project is different and has different characteristics, so we ensure that all of them are treated with the appropriate considerations – and whether you require a lift for a new or old building, our vast range of lifts can be tailored to match your needs, no matter what they are!