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If you frequently transport stock or equipment from one floor to another, then you’ll want a reliable goods lift designed for commercial settings. A goods lift isn’t intended to be used by customers or staff, and that means that you’ll need different features than you’d need from a passenger lift.

Goods Service lift

How do you choose the right goods lift? Here are a few things to think about:

– What will you be transporting?

If you frequently need to transport heavy barrels or boxes, then you’ll need a goods lift or service lift that has a high capacity. Can you move things in small batches, or is it easier if you can transport everything at once?

The weight capacity of your service lift is an important decision. If you overload your lift, at best you’ll cause damage and at worst it’s a health and safety issue.

– How often will your goods lift be used?

Some lifts are slower and are best suited to infrequent use. They’re ideal if you’re moving stock on occasion and don’t need to rush it around. Alternatively, you might need a lift that can handle more use every day. Some types of service lift are a little quicker and can cope with 100 trips a day.

– Do you need to load at ground height?

Some service lifts and goods lifts stop so that they’re flush with the floor. This is ideal if you’re wheeling stock on, or need to load at ground height.

Sometimes, it’s easier to move stock and goods by loading them a little higher up. Some lifts, like dumb waiters, stop at waist height so that you don’t need to crouch down.

– How many floors will it cover?

Does your service lift just need to go from one floor to another? Do you need a goods lift that covers more distance, climbs higher and stops at many floors? Think about how high your lift needs to go, as this should have an impact on your choice.

– Do people need to travel with the goods?

Can you send goods from one floor to another on their own? In some cases, stock can be sent from one person to someone else that’s waiting. In other cases, you’ll need to run and meet the lift or climb aboard and travel in it.

You might need a goods lift with space for an attendant if you want to stay with your stock.

– Is one lift enough?

In some cases, you’ll need more than one lift in the building. Perhaps one lift can’t transport your goods quick enough, or maybe you need one to send up the stock and another to send down empty boxes?

Think about the demand that you’ll be placing on your lift and what you’d do if one was out of order. If you have the space and budget, you may need a spare lift in case one ever breaks down.

– Finding the right goods or service lift

The best way to find the right goods lift for your business is to ask yourself the questions above. Take notes, answer each question, then get in touch with our team.

We can consider your business needs to talk you through goods lift options. We’ll help find the lifts that optimise your service, for any business or commercial setting.

Contact Axess 2 for more information about service lifts and goods lifts for your business.