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The Galileo Traction 600 is a seamless lift offering you economical options, power supplies, eco-friendly values, and beauty in its design. The Galileo lift is well-suited for both homes and businesses, so whether you’re looking for a luxury home lift or a bespoke business lift, the Galileo is a great choice.

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The Galileo Traction 600 is the world’s first single-phase passenger lift. Single-phase power is used in most homes and small businesses, whereas three-phase power is more commonly used in large businesses and industry. The Galileo’s ground-breaking design doesn’t need the three-phase power requirements of previous lifts, so more people can think about introducing the Galileo into their home.

It is expensive to convert from an existing single-phase power supply to a three-phase, so purchasing the Galileo Traction 600 will allow you to implement this lift into your home, without the hassle or expense of changing your home’s power phase.


At Axess2, your confidence in your lift’s safety is paramount, which is why the Galileo Traction 600 works from a UPS battery power system. UPS means ‘Uninterruptible Power Supply’, so that in the event of a power failure this lift can still move in ‘normal running mode’.

If you’re looking to implement the Galileo Traction 600 as a commercial lift in your business, the UPS battery power system is paramount to ensuring your customers comfort in all occasions. With a commercial lift being reflective of your business, you can be confident with the Galileo’s high standard of quality.

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The Galileo Traction 600 is also available as a Machine Roomless Lift (MRL). Many lifts require a hidden machine room where the machinery and controls that operate the lift are stored, which is usually placed directly above the hoistway or the lift. The Galileo Traction 600, by contrast, is available without needing to add a machine room to your home or business (although this ultimately depends on the layout and height of your building).

Contact Axess2 if you have any enquiries about our lifts and installation processes.


As well as the UPS battery power system, the Galileo is installed with an electrical emergency rescue system, accessible from the control panel on the landing door of the cabin. This rescue system uses our new technology ‘LIFTEYE’ which allows Axess2 to diagnose and possibly solve your problem remotely, rather than causing you to wait for engineers.

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This lift currently runs on a 0.6m/s geared MRL motor, but we are also working on making a Galileo which functions with our gearless single-phase motor at 0.1m/s. The Galileo’s devotion to compliance with single-phase power supplies is our way of making our lifts greener.

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The Galileo is highly adaptable to your tastes. We can shape this lift to your design desires, whether you want glass, steel, or a granite look, if you’re looking for a different cabin size and shape to better suit your domicile or business, or if you’re excited about choosing the perfect buttons and monitors, Axess2 can offer a wide range of customisable options.

 Depending on your needs, the Galileo Traction 600 is also available in two types – six people 450kg and eight people 600kg – so you can make your lifts as roomy as you need. If you’re looking to make your lift extra spacious but don’t have the space to go big on the 8 people Galileo, consider using mirrored panels in the lift cabin to increase your passengers’ sense of space.


The Galileo is suited to a variety of building types: it can be a luxury home lift or a bespoke lift, and it can be structured to function outside as well as indoors. If pursuing an outdoor lift, why not go glass and appreciate nature in the country or people-watch in the city. Turn your lift journeys into more than just transport – make them an enjoyable experience with the Galileo Traction 600.

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