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Lifts play a key role in many different buildings and settings. They have become a familiar sight in today’s world and are something that we all use in daily life now. One key thing to realise here is that there are two main types of lift – commercial lifts and home lifts. While you may think they are both basically the same, they, in fact, have some key differences.

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But just how do they differ?


In most cases, you will find a big difference in how much a commercial lift costs next to a home one. Commercial lifts are usually more expensive due to their design and the components found inside them. Installing a commercial lift, for example, will involve a machine room needing to be set up first in the building and more time spent on getting the lift ready. This is not the case with residential lifts where a machine room is not required due to its hydraulic operation. As well as saving space, it makes home lifts cheaper to install and thus less expensive to buy. As it takes more material to produce a commercial lift also, then they will naturally cost more.


The other thing you will immediately notice is how much larger commercial lifts are when compared to home ones. This is perfectly sensible as home lifts are designed to carry fewer people and fit easily into a domestic setting. If it were too big, it would be more of a hindrance than a help. This is not the case for commercial-style lifts which have more space to fit into and need to carry more people at any one time. These requirements mean that lifts for a commercial environment need to have a much bigger capacity and size.


The purpose which either style of lift is needed for is completely different also. Commercial lifts are a familiar feature in places like hotels, shopping centres and office blocks. They get a lot of use from many people at a time on a daily basis which means they must be very sturdy. Commercial lifts also travel many floors at a time which is not the same for home lifts. These residential lifts only travel one or two floors usually and do not carry more than a couple of people. As the name suggests, home lifts are found in domestic settings to allow people with mobility issues to access the upper floors of their property.


What the above shows is that picking the right lift for the right setting is key. This means you get a lift which is designed to handle the job it is needed for safely. Here at Axess 2 Lifts, we have both commercial and home lifts to choose from. We only stock lifts from the best manufacturers around and we are sure you will find the ideal one for your needs. Browse the website today for more details or get in touch on 01200 405 005 for a chat.