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Architects are constantly innovating. Their creativity allows them to create truly spectacular structures, from skyscrapers to family homes. Innovation begins from ideas, from seemingly outlandish goals that will be translated into a building in the end. Completely reimagining a home means that an architect needs to take something that is already there and bring it to the next level, elevate it. To do this, they need to undertake a truly creative process.

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Generating ideas is an exciting part of this process. Research is usually something that all architects have to do in order to conceive new ideas, so dipping into the existing knowledge can uncover new strategies and take the project in the direction you want – or even in a completely new and unexpected direction, which is equally exciting.

It’s normal to get stuck and unable to move on, however, which manifests in the form of thoughts like ‘we don’t have budget for this’ or ‘it will never be approved’. Still, investigating further and quantifying the benefits of those ideas might help them get over the ‘architect’s block’.

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An example would be the limitations imposed on a listed building. Renovating one of these buildings can be challenging, but constantly trying to find a way around a problem is how architects solve those issues.


Abandoning old ideas and trying to innovate can be daunting at first, but it’s worthwhile. Transforming the old into the new is part of what architects do, as they can look at the existing design and either create something completely different or merge the features of the old building with modern design.

A normal part of the design stage is pressure. Working with a deadline can add a sense of urgency and spur the creative process into great directions. Challenges can bring out the best in architects and ensure that they continuously think about possible improvements to any service or products.

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For example, during our project in an old water tower transformed into a beautiful home, knowing that our customers wanted their exposed brick wall to be visible at all times  meant we had to decide which lift was the right choice to achieve this. We settled on a glass-encased home lift, which George Clark himself said was ‘ really cool’.


Architects rely heavily on their imaginations to design amazing creations. Reimagining a home can be unbelievably rewarding, because they’re bringing what was once a concept into reality, and ensuring that the design is not only beautiful, but also unique and specific to that building, is an architect’s dream come true.

At Axess2 we pride ourselves on working with our customers to meet all of their needs and bring all their visions to life. We offer a vast range of products and services that can help to completely transform a home, including residential lifts, so don’t hesitate to contact us on 01200 315 025 to learn more about what we can do. Alternatively, you can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.