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How Much Does a Vertical Platform Lift Cost?

When looking for platform lift prices, the decision to invest in a new elevator or platform lift should not be taken lightly, you need to be sure that your research has been thorough so you can be confident that you have chosen the perfect home lift for your requirements. When looking at home lifts, it’s often a good idea to consider vertical platform lifts. Whether your mobility is restricted, or you have simply decided to ‘future-proof’ your home, a platform lift can offer the ideal solution.

A vertical platform lift can offer more freedom and independence for those who have limited mobility and this is invaluable when it comes to everyday tasks. The freedom of moving independently around a multi-level building is not to be underestimated… all thanks to a simple-to-use home lift.

As with any other home improvement or business addition, there are a number of factors to consider. For example, how many people will use the platform lift? This will directly affect which type and size of lift is required. The type of building in which the lift will be housed also affects which model will be appropriate.

Consider also how much maintenance the lifts will require, and how long the installation of the home lift will take.

Read some reviews from other home lift owners to understand how the lifts perform over time; it’s crucial to choose a lift that offers consistently high performance over time. Axess 2 is known for providing platform lifts that offer flawless performance – with minimal maintenance – year after year after year…
Platform lifts are most likely to be chosen to help those who are disabled or have restricted mobility, so consistently smooth and safe performance is a must.

Safety is obviously a primary concern for anyone, but perhaps even more so for people who are physically less mobile. Vertical platform lifts offer the perfect, safe solution for moving between different floors or levels. With a huge number of design options, a platform lift can be created to blend in with your home or office decor.

Don’t forget – it is possible to purchase a functional, yet inexpensive platform lift.
Finance options are often offered by platform lift companies in order to make their products more attainable, without breaking anyone’s budget. These flexible payment plans make lifts more accessible in every sense of the word!

The range of platform lifts on the market is extremely wide and varied, so it can be difficult to know where to start – especially with so many brands and models. Again, it helps to read reviews of the various models to see which would best suit your needs. Reputable companies should offer a no-obligation survey so you can be sure that the area you have designated for your platform lift will be suitable and work well for the model selected.

Don’t be discouraged if space is limited, vertical platform lifts can often fit in unexpectedly small spaces or alternatively may be installed on the outside of a building – just ask your chosen platform lift company.

There are all sorts of solutions available for home or commercial platform lift applications, simply contact Axess 2 and one of our specialist surveyors will be able to advise you which would be the best platform lift for your requirements. We even offer a bespoke design service for more unusual home lifts and platform lifts.