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Having a home that is accessible is something that all people should have access to, no matter who they are. It shouldn’t matter what kind of property they live in, or what style of home they have – or even what kind of impairment the my have – a safe, comfortable place to live is something that everyone should have access to.

For those people who find it difficult to move around their home safely, it can often feel disheartening that they are unable to have the same security and comfort that other people have within their own home environment – but that’s where home lifts come into play.

Although it’s an option that many people dismiss for one reason or another – usually the “high expense” or the disruption they think it will cause – they can actually be one of the most essential aids for the home for a wide variety of impairments. Need some encouragement to have one installed in your home or project? Let Axess2 help!


No one knows what the future holds for home design – not even the best interior designers can predict what homes will look like 50… even 100 years in the future.

We can, however, guarantee that lifts will still be a useful tool for anyone with mobility impairments. We doubt that there will ever be a time where a lift will become redundant, meaning that installing one in your home will be a lifelong investment, not only for you, but for your home, too!

It will also give those living in the home more freedom in their own home, often meaning that they will stay there longer rather than having to move to a new property where they may not want to live – but has the adequate accessibility features.


One of the reasons that  many people don’t opt for installing a lift within their home is that they are worried that the style of their interior will have to change to accommodate the brand new piece of technology that has made its way into their home.

We’ve already proved in a previous blog that lifts can be integrated into almost any interior style, but just in case you needed further persuasion, let us tell you just how easy it is to keep the style that your home currently has, by adapting the look and style of the lift rather than the interior of your home.

We have a lift to suit almost any interior style, and even lifts which are versatile enough to fit in with a variety of different styles if you’re someone who is known for changing the look of your home more regularly than others. This one off investment will be far more cost effective than having to redecorate the entire interior of your house to accommodate the lift being installed.


Although home lifts are an extremely beneficial installation for many different reasons, they are still a rare sight in many homes around the UK.

Rather than feeling like your home will stick out like a sore thumb because you have a lift installed, think of yourself as an innovator; a future thinker who is investing more in their home than others by installing something that can help you stay in your home much longer than if you had no accessibility aids at all.

The more people start to see home lifts as something that they should invest in rather than something that they could invest in if they had the time, money or resources, the quality of life of people who may be struggling is guaranteed to increase.

If you’d like to find out how Axess2 can help you become an innovative, forward-thinking homeowner, feel free to contact us today and a member of our specialist team will be more than happy to help.