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People in the West Midlands areas have publicly expressed displease in the cancellation of the Ring and Ride service that caters for those with mobility problems. The people are making their voices heard through a petition that was handed out following a meeting at the Birmingham City Council’s headquarters. An inspiring 56,000 people have now signed the petition that is aiming to prevent the council from ceasing this helpful service to local residents.

Seven councils across the West Midlands area recently announced budget cuts and this meant the funding for the Ring and Ride service would be no longer available. A company called Centro that currently runs the Ring and Ride service has indicated that it will be very difficult to run the helpful service for the elderly and disabled as they would have to save up to £14m which accounts for up to 10% of their corporate revenues of each year.

Various authority organisations like the West Midlands Pensioners Convention have expressed their dissatisfaction in the suggestion, with a spokesperson stating ‘elderly and disabled people could become prisoners in their own homes.’ Council leaders met on last week to discuss proceedings before presenting their opinions to the West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority, who have the final word on future of the service.

This is not the first time member of the public have disagreed with decisions affecting people with mobility problems. Wheelchair access at places is another topic that is currently under scrutiny. It is important to take into consideration the challenges faced by many disadvantaged individuals when trying to get from one place to another. However, on the brighter side of this situation, there are many services available to help those with mobility problems and reduce the stress and extra effort within their everyday routines.

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