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At Axess2, we love lifts of all descriptions, and this is exactly why we take such an interest in the evolution of elevator technology. We’ll often cast our eyes back over where we’ve been in the past, as the development of the lift has been an interesting journey throughout history, but we’re always looking to the future as well. After all, we pride ourselves on providing some of the most advanced lift solutions that you’ll find anywhere, so it wouldn’t be much use if we were unaware of industry news! That’s why we’re now going to talk about smart elevators, as this innovation is on the horizon.

Future Focussed Lifts

‘Smart Elevators’

These days, it seems as though everything is smart. Smartphones. Smart cars. You’re now even able to treat yourself to a number of smartwatches, with Apple’s long-awaited offering fast approaching its release date. With all of that in mind, why wouldn’t you add lifts to that number of products? Nope, we can’t think of a reason either! Actually, smart elevators have been around as a concept for a fair few years, but changes in our infrastructure are set to turn this pipe-dream into a reality.

How They Work

Sourceable reports how more people will be living in cities by 2050 than outside them. A full 7 out of every 10 people will conform to this pattern by then, and that means one thing: an influx of high-rise buildings. Skyscrapers and lifts goes hand in hand for pretty obvious reasons, and if such excessively tall buildings are going to become a real mainstay, then there’s going to be a need for elevators that function in a way that’s as economical as possible. Lift designers already strive to do this, but smart elevators will take this principle to a whole new level. Some of the principles will include…

  • The ability for a passenger to select their destination floor, rather than an actual elevator.
  • The elevator that can reach this floor in the fewest number of stops will then be flagged up.
  • The user will be directed to this lift, and a fewer number of stops will use less energy.
  • Due to this system, crowds won’t build up around lift cars, so traffic flow is also improved.
Future Focussed Lifts 2

Future Changes

Some limited use of smart elevators is already ongoing, but our chosen article from Sourceable heralds a new revolution in smart elevator technology. This new solution delivers an unprecedented level of connectivity to smart elevators, giving a greater deal of synergy to the multitude of sensors that make up a smart system. But what exactly does all of this mean? Well, it means that simple preventative maintenance will be a thing of the past, as pre-emptive maintenance will be possible. This will allow a greater level of uptime for elevators, thereby making them even more efficient.

The ability to avoid issues before they even occur is a massive step forward, and is something that all lift users will appreciate. After all, speedy lifts may be very welcome, but even better safety must always be a priority. The project is still in its infancy, and has quite a way to go, but it should be available for both new-builds and existing premises when it launches, so definitely watch this space!

While You Wait…

We think it’s great how – despite the existing safety features on elevators – superior standards are always being aimed for, and that’s why we imagine the evolution of the lift will invariably be ongoing. However, the latest inventions could still be a way from completion, and that means you’re dependent on the technology of today at present, and you won’t find better examples of such systems than at Axess2. In fact, we’re not just up to date, but we’re pushing the boundaries to reach the future right now. For more information about our disabled lifts and the like, contact us now by calling 01200 405 005.