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At Axess2, we have a wealth of experience when supplying and installing a range of lifts, including home liftswheelchair lifts and commercial lifts. With our enthusiasm for our profession, it goes without saying that we have more than a passing interest in lifts. Without lifts, Axess 2 wouldn’t exist as a company, so we thought we should dedicate a blog to some interesting trivia about lifts.

Lift Trivia

The first lifts were powered by steam and water, but when electricity became extremely popular in the market it took over, and is still used to power lifts today.

Lifts are extremely safe; especially compared to escalators. There are around twenty times more lifts than escalators, but lifts only have a third more accidents.

In 2013, China bought the most new lifts in the world. Out of the 914,000 lifts that were sold, China purchased 58% of them.

Lifts are not allowed to be taller than 1700 feet because the hoist ropes that are required for a lift become too heavy after 1700 feet.

Many years ago, it was customary for a man to take off his hat when a woman was present in the room. Of course, with dramatic changes in fashion and culture, top hats are rarely worn in today’s society. However, when hats were popular, lifts caused a few social problems. People were confused as to whether a lift was a room or not, so didn’t know what to do, thus causing a great deal of awkwardness.

An overcrowded lift won’t fall. Although many people believe that an elevator exceeding the maximum weight will fall, the fact of the matter is that when a lift is overloaded it won’t move, and the doors will stay open.

Lifts used to need a two-man operation team to function. However the lift has advanced over the years, and with the creation of navigational buttons the two-man lift operation job is now obsolete.

Lifts are fascinating pieces of technology and assist us in modern living greatly. If you would like to find out more information about the range of lifts that we stock then feel free to browse our website, or get in touch with us today by calling 01200 405 005.